“…it’s good to be the glue.”

Without a doubt, tonight’s recipient again represents  the best of the best.

He is precisely the caliber of individual the Highlander Award seeks to distinguish.

Basketball has been a very important part of this young man’s life.  And chances are,  it will most likely remain so.  Because it seems that to him,  basketball really does not need a season.  It is a foundation for something much more.

He has acquitted himself exceptionally well throughout his Homestead career  and especially this season, his last as a Highlander.

Because when the chips were down during this last campaign on the court, he was someone you could always count on.

Now, one sure sign of character, leadership  and achievement is how you leave things.

How in some lasting and meaningful way,  you make that something you did and were a part of just a little better than when you first arrived.

How you finish.

This young man has done just that,  in many ways.


On our field house floor, he leaves a legacy of character, an exemplary work ethic and an amazing attitude. Impressions that will be evident the next and for seasons  to come.

In the classroom, his approach to academics and the pursuit of a life of learning reflects a tenacity, drive and that same amazingly positive attitude.  All of which will take him where ever he chooses to go in life.  This fall, he will be joining  the ranks of many other Highlanders that have chosen to call the Big 10 their college home.

In our community, this young man has made the time and expended the effort to bond himself to a much, much  larger team.

His contributions to our local basketball programs, his dedication to the game and his commitment to the kids in Mequon-Thiensville is of immense and lasting value.

As I said, he is someone you can always count on.

Perhaps this aspect of his nature is what helps make him a favorite coach among many youth basketball campers.

Maybe “who” he is makes it easy for them to drop their guard down a little, open themselves up and just focus on learning.

Maybe it was his infectious, amazing attitude.

However he did it, this young coach found ways to share with them his love of the game, inspiring them to aspire, all while planting the seeds of leadership within them.

His awareness, appreciation and the caring application of his influence on those all around him – regardless of their age and stature – further cements his connection to all of us.

All of which are attributes indicative of the impression some extraordinary people have made on him  throughout his life: parents, siblings, family, teachers, coaches and friends.

He is a treasured friend of many, a cherished son  and an esteemed citizen of the Homestead and Mequon-Thiensville community.

It is precisely  “who” he is, “what” he stands for and “how” he is to those around him  that so greatly enriches the entire Homestead High School community in untold ways.

In recognition of  this young man’s contributions to his team, his school and our community, we are honored to present this plaque on behalf of  the Homestead Sports Boosters.

Proving without a doubt, it is good to be the glue.

The  2014 Highlander Award winner:

Seth Cooley



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