Wearing this world lightly

“The Resurrection is the very heart and soul of Christianity. Without the Resurrection, Christianity collapses. It’s the standing and falling point of the faith. Therefore, to deny the Resurrection is to cease to be Christian. You might pick up bits and pieces of Christianity here and there, and you might follow Jesus as a wise spiritual teacher, but without the Resurrection the whole thing falls apart.

Speaking more practically, the Resurrection is key to spiritual detachment. If God has a life for us beyond this life, one not so much opposed to this earthly life but inclusive of and beyond it, then I’m able to wear this world much more lightly. I’m not as obsessed with finding my joy here.

Those who are not convinced of the Resurrection, who believe they’ll just die and that’s it, naturally chase after wealth, pleasure, power, and honor. But once you’re convinced of the Resurrection, you know this world isn’t ultimate. You can let go of those earthly pursuits, stop chasing them, and aspire toward a life on high with God, which is a life of love. Becoming a person of love thus becomes your central goal.

That’s how the Resurrection affects every aspect of your life.  ”

Father Robert Barron

One of the most beautiful aspects of this level of faith is how everything is so wonderfully connected.  There is no wasted energy or effort.  All is lovingly and masterfully crafted.A purpose for every thought, word and deed.

Like the Resurrection.

Each and every day He provides us with ample opportunities for it.

But we cannot be  “too busy or distracted”, so narrowly focused on ourselves, so bound to this world and the things in it, that we fail to see them.

Only by dying to self , taking up our crosses and simply “letting go”, can we loosen our earthly constraints, begin to wear this world more lightly and grow closer to Him.









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