It can be staggering

Talk about raising the bar.

During her first indoor track meet of the year at Carthage College,  Elyssa  Tracy – HHS 2014 – vaulted  herself into some  truly rarefied air.

She bettered the previous HIghlander mark by three inches and established  a new Homestead High School girl’s indoor record for the pole vault,  clearing 10′ even.

And something tells me, this record doesn’t have long to live.

Achievements of this level don’t just happen.

They are born of a commitment to effort , excellence and an affinity for personal sacrifice.

They require an uncommon level of perseverance, fortitude and the faith to keep at it just a little longer.  No matter what.

But most of all, it takes the gutsy resilience of character that has been tempered by adversity.

And without a doubt, Elyssa is no stranger to adversity. They might even be cousins.

She has had to overcome more than her share of it just to get here – let alone put herself in a position to add her name to the record books.

She is the embodiment of gutsy resilience.

Now seeing her clear ten feet on that short video was one thing.

And as special as that was, her achievement was far more than simply taking her place among some  truly gifted Homestead student -athletes.

But what happened next was just as remarkable.

An equally defining moment.

Her reaction to the vault.

It tells the world how much this  meant. How much of herself she invested in it.

It was,  quite literally, staggering.

Yet the  significance of this moment wasn’t  so much about 10′.  Nor was it solely generated by this one vault.

Rather,  the magnitude of this moment was born in the many, many other attempts that were needed just to produce this singular, heroic  effort.

To do what she knew in her heart was always in her.

You see, this has been in the making for a very, very long time.

Since freshman year.

Through three surgeries.

And plenty of pain.

So play it again.

Look once more at her reaction.

That is someone totally in the moment.

Genuinely moved.

Keenly aware of the gravity in making the most of opportunity.

Appreciative of its fickle nature .

And its relative brevity.

It can be a humbling experience.

To recognize just how truly rare moments such as these are.

And to finally be as able as you are willing to be in full-out pursuit of your passion.


photo (8)


It can be staggering.

Well done young lady.

Well done indeed.












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