The Core Corps – 2014

Three years ago, during the summer of 2011,  the  The Cardinal Core Corps was unveiled.

Initially, it was intended to provide a demanding regimen of performance related exercises, targeting one’s core. The ideal way to prepare for the best time of the year: football season.

That “core”, the physical power plant that resides within the center of your body, is without a doubt, a fundamental component in creating the opportunities for success as a student-athlete. Your core is the primary  source of strength, stability and success for every activity you choose to pursue, regardless of the field of play.

But just as you are much more than a football, baseball, hockey or basketball player, there is far  more to your “core” than just a group of muscles that relishes a regimen of push ups, planks and Superman.

There is also a heart, a mind and a spirit to go along with that body.

Just as it takes a while to hit a 100 push-ups, getting each of those other parts in shape will take some time too.  As such, it is paramount that we commit ourselves to using and developing all of those other “muscles” as well.  Because if we work at it, we will bring them all around.  You will begin to notice a change in yourself.  And once we have them all working together in unison,  we can become centered and find our ideal position to play the game of life.

So why “Core Corps”?

Well, the “core” , as defined by our friends Merriam-Webster , is ” a basic, essential, or enduring part.”  Now, no one knows better than I that your days as a competitive scholar-athlete are fleeting.  But I have also been around long enough to affirm that the rest of “you” has a long, life time of opportunity, effort and accomplishment  still ahead of it.

So on the surface, it might appear that we are only busy building up your core muscles; your body.  Yet along the way, we will also maintain an equal emphasis on the rest of you too.

Your heart, mind and spirit.

All four of your basic, essential and enduring parts.

Your “core”.

Now I have also been around long enough to know that there is strength to be found in numbers.

Unity to be discovered in a shared vision.

And an uncommon power to be realized in a common purpose.

To that end, we will  all work together.

To become a tight-knit unit.

Each looking out for the other.

As one.

So,  if you are up for it, and are willing to make the commitment, we can work together to empower each other to be the absolute best versions of ourselves.

Not just any old  “corps”.

But The Core Corps.

What say you ?

Ready to be a part of it?


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