“Thank You”

Thank you for bringing all of us varying levels of excitement, anticipation, anxiety, angst – but mostly – joy this summer.  It was truly a welcome addition to an already  jam-packed schedule.  You gave a great many of us something to look forward each and every week.


Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of a moment in your lives that will be just as special to all of us as it was to all of you.


Thank you for what you were together, and more importantly, what you will always be to one another.   10553653_1448234712106795_3878447192687301755_o


Thank you for your invaluable contributions to a baseball tradition that will never graduate.  You are a wonderful example of character and leadership for all to emulate.

And trust me.

Your lessons are finding their way into the many hearts and minds of those around you in ways you would have never imagined.

I am confident that you will recognize the fruit of your efforts the next time you are at that gem of a diamond.



Thank you for being such an important and lasting part of these young men’s lives.  One can never disregard, dismiss or discount the impact you can have on the life of another.  Your character, leadership and most of all – love – will undoubtedly influence them for the rest of their lives.


And lastly, to the boys:

Thank you for boldly and loudly affirming what you can achieve when it becomes more about “we” and less about “me”.

That is far more than just a slogan, catch phrase or hashtag.

It represents intention, followed by a solemn choice.

To expend  an uncommon level of effort, commitment and faith to let go of “yourself”.

To empty yourself out for your teammates.

To have the will to do without what you most need and want so that they can become what they were intended to be.

To trust that your gift to them will not be squandered.

To exercise gratitude in accepting  what they have given to you.

To like them.

To value them first and foremost.

And love ’em like a brother.

37940789-mjs_statebase26-_nws-_sears-_9 “Thank you”.


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