“Doing your absolute best”; the gift that is yourself

When you make the choice, to dedicate yourself to doing your absolute best, you are creating the foundation for a lifetime of positive outcomes.

You are setting the tone for both present and future circumstances to favor you.

You are learning to connect a positive thought with selfless intention. Converting them both into actions that can lead to achievement, excellence  and success.

And yet, giving it your absolute best isn’t just about something you do for yourself.

It is really a gift you give to everyone around you.

Because in doing your absolute best, you aren’t simply embarking on a quest for personal perfection.

You are meeting an obligation that you have to yourself  –  and – to those all around you.

An affirmation of true value; theirs and yours.

Proclaiming to both, in thought, word and deed,   that “you deserve the absolute best in me“.

To love them – and yourself – enough to always want to give it your absolute best.

The gift that is yourself.


As such,  it isn’t a transaction or a “quid pro quo”.

The gift of giving others your best should never be about wanting or expecting anything in return.

It isn’t about the getting.

Giving your best to others is about the giving.

And that in itself is the best thing to do.

By making a personal commitment to do your absolute best, you can also learn to find peace with your efforts – win, lose or draw.  That person  you see “in the mirror” will still be welcome.  Perhaps a work in progress, but just not all there yet.

Because by no means do you have to  like or accept any outcome. It only takes time and effort to become the person you  were intended to be.

This merely serves to  reinforce, within your heart and mind, that the effort you made was the best you had to offer, when you needed to offer it.

It enables you to move on, to stay in this very moment, and maximize all that it has to offer.  It creates a pathway forward, rather than a route that can only lead you back, to dwell in the past, longing for might have been.

In time, if you work at it, doing your absolute best will be synonymous with your name; an announcement of your character.  How you go about doing things for you and for others will precede you everywhere you go. Both the word and the witness of your efforts will  ripple out round you.

Living your life in this fashion will “coach up” others, leading them to also aspire to always do their best.

You will learn not only to walk that talk but will gain a level of comfort living a life within that mindset.

Thriving in a personal universe marked by high expectations, dedicated to striving for optimal performance and pursuing excellence.

For you.

And for them.

The gift that is yourself.


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