In charge and owning up.

One of my refrains is to watch out for one another.

Not as some baby sitter.

But as an engaged and connected individual.

Someone that is genuinely concerned about the well-being of another.

This always comes with the territory of being a teammate, a friend or a sibling.

You need to be there for each other.  To support and be supported. To listen and be heard.  To give and to receive.  To correct – and –  to allow yourself to be corrected.

Being there at this level – concerned, connected and fully engaged  –  can be a tall order.

That, I know for a fact.

But to make all this work – to be there for others – you must first be there for you.

In charge. Owning up.

That is, you must get to that point where you are responsible for your own thoughts, the words they formulate  and deeds that flow from them both.

With a will that you can exert over yourself; to be in charge of you.

Walking that talk.


Chances are, there will be situations and circumstance that are gonna  test you.

How you respond is, and always will be, your choice to make.

You alone are in charge.  You alone own it.

It’s all you baby.

These choices will determine the command you have over yourself in that moment.

Not the command that moment has over you.

And those very same choices will ripple outward and have an impact on others. Directly or indirectly.

For nothing ever goes unnoticed or unfelt.

It all matters.

Sound choices are an affirmation  for all that you understand the power you possess.

That you have empowered yourself to be in  the right position,  to do the right thing,  for you and those connected to you.

A great place to be.

Where you can watch out for them.

Help them to make better choices.

Connected both to yourself and to them in a most fundamental sense

Engaged with a genuine concern to do what is right for both; you – and – for  them.

Their well-being an extension of the way you seek to treat yourself.

In the final analysis, ain’t  that what it’ really all about anyways?

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