…”like it is”

Everyday has its blessings, large and small, obvious and obfuscated.

And every once in a while,  you get the opportunity to be a part of something extraordinary.

Even if it takes  the form of getting schooled.

Like yesterday.

Two times.

Once during our visit to the 100 yard “wood shed”.

Then again, about 15 minutes after the post game line up.

In what will become a watershed moment.

The former indelibly producing the latter.

Impeccably timed.

Masterfully delivered.

In an instant when true character was revealed, took action and expressed itself in a very powerful and lasting manner.

With a courage that stood tall with words meant specifically for each of us.  Spoken with absolute honesty and unmitigated conviction.

Delivered with an eloquence and  passion that left both  messenger and messengee’s misty.


An uncommonly bold act for a young man all of 12.

His endeavor to hold all of us to account.

Now the nature of what transpired will stay within the family.

But his lesson has immense value outside of it. And needs to be shared.

So to appreciate the gravity of his actions, consider this situation, regardless of your age, experience or station in life:

You are surrounded by all of your contemporaries and supervisors about 15 minutes after your latest group failure.

You have known all of them for some time, expending a great deal of time and energy collaborating on a long-term project.

But things are not working.  They are not coming together.

In fact, they seem to be slipping away.

From a personal level, you have jumped in – both feet – all in.

But others have yet to accept the same risk.  They seem content to only dip their toes.

No one seems to understand or value your passion, commitment or personal investment into the venture.

Too many are simply along for the ride.

So, with nothing more to lose, you choose to be the guy.

To stick your neck out even farther.

The one willing to risk even more by  articulating  your – gulp –  “feelings”.

To tell it like it is.

So they know your frustration, your disappointment and your hurt.

Not in a finger-pointing;  “…you are bad –  I am good” or  “…you better do this or else” way.  

More so , something along these lines…

“…you need to know this is not right.  

I care about this.  


And if you really cared about it about like you say you do,  then you could not help but feel the same way.  

And you would do everything you can do make it better for everyone.”

Then, once that had a chance to sink in:

…”I value this opportunity and all of you enough to go all out, giving it and you my best. 

So why can’t you do the same for me?” 

Straight from and directly to the heart of the matter.


Like it is.




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