Everything about her shines

Without a doubt, this year’s team really picked a gem.

Now we all know  gems ain’t  just lying around.

And when you happen upon one,  in the rough,  you know that they need work.

They need to be cleaned up.  They need to be shaped.

Rough edges burnished.  Facets polished.

Lovingly hand crafted in such a manner that its inherent brilliance isn’t simply a reflection of the world around it.   Or, what the craftsman thinks it should look like.

But rather, it needs to polished and cared for in such a fashion as to let everything about it shine.

In its own stunning way.

With a finish and clarity that allows the light from within  to radiate ever outward in all directions.

Touching everyone with the illuminating impact of its character.

Just like this one tonight.

Now some gems are meant only for display, decoration or show.  But by no means will this one ever be placed in that kind of setting.

This one tends to shine her brightest in the most unforgiving of environments.  In the  wind and the rain.  No matter the conditions or circumstances.  She simply treasures each and every opportunity to play and compete.



And compete she does.  Part of her nature, fueled by a keen appreciation of how she got to where she is today.

Her manner transmits a positive luminescence, buoyed by an attitude that  maintains a keen focus on the moment at hand regardless of the circumstances that could lay ahead.

Instinctively leading.

Modeling true character in action.

Relating  to, connecting  with and coaching up others with a genuine  humility that can only be born of effort, commitment, sacrifice and a true sense of  gratitude.

And just being there. The one you can always count on.

That rock.

The one setting that truly suits her purpose in life.

Her engaging outlook on life supports the expansive nature  of her vision.  One that is set to seek out ever wider horizons.

Applying her brilliance in total to all she does and pursues regardless of the course – math, history, Kohler, Fire or University Ridge.

Proving  to all that aligning your dreams and aspirations towards a bigger picture needn’t ever come at the expense of being fully in the moment, here and the now.

She  has an awareness of and an appreciation for the  caring application of her influence on those all around her .  A recognition of how her approach to others can elevate each  relationship and fashion a bond that will lead others to do the same.

Each an attribute that is indicative of the impression some of the others in her life have made on her: parents,  family, teachers, coaches and friends.

She is a treasured friend of many, a cherished daughter, and an esteemed citizen of the Homestead and Mequon-Thiensville community.

It is precisely  “who” she is, “what” she stands for and “how” she is to those around her  that so greatly enriches the entire Homestead High School community in untold ways.

On behalf of the Homestead Sports Boosters, in recognition of  this young woman’s contributions to her team, her school and our community, I am honored to present the Highlander Award to the rarest of gems.


Anika Hitt



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