Character’s game

Ours is the character game.  

A daily, living, testament to the value of committed, continuous effort.

The exemplar of the twin virtues of perseverance and faith.

An endorsement of personal accountability as a treasured asset.

Tutelage to lean into – not away from – high expectations, standards and performance.

Embracing servant leadership in becoming a positive force multiplier.

Thinking, speaking and acting with the highest intention.

First imagining, then living within a vision of where you want to go – before you ever get there.

And instilling a genuine and lasting sense of brotherhood.

To allow yourself to be broken down and emptied out.

Consenting to give it up – for that guy next to you.

Placing yourself second, tenth, 25th or last for something much, much bigger than yourself.

Fully surrendering the “me” for the” we”.

Our game.

A singular opportunity for on the job training in life. The tutor of some of the most challenging yet lasting lessons. A curriculum to be found only on the gridiron.

Tomorrow,  is character’s game.

A rare privilege.

An endeavor set in motion long go by your thoughts. Granted momentum by the choices you have since made. And brought to life now by your collective, ongoing deeds.

Your calling.

To rise to this occasion. To be tested. If needed, to be the next man up.

The liberty to fully assert yourself, and  then,  exert the extent of your will.

To collect on a debt.  And capture in full, your personal investment.

It is an instant that is begging to be seized.  In a venture that is not meant to be consigned to this one Friday.

For tomorrow is but one moment of many yet seeking your definition.

In an act of will.  You will make a choice that will inevitably move you closer to a treasured destination.

A goal established long ago.

To become what you have always imagined.

As a player.

As a unit.

As a team.

As one.

You are character’s name.



Men in full.

A team built with intention.


A team built for excellence.

A team that is built to play on.

All 14.

Young men with the guts to choose what they really want.

Young men with the guts to go out, get after it, and,  just make it happen.

A testament to the value you have assigned to this committed, continuous effort.

An exemplar of the perseverance and faith you practice – buoyed by the rising tide of your leadership.

Embracing an ever heightened level of accountability.

Leaning towards the lofty expectations, standards and aspirations  in acceptance of being a Highlander.

Always thinking, speaking and acting with the highest intention.

Imagining, playing and living relentlessly as you pursue that singular vision.

In full-out surrender. But only of the “me” for the “we”.

It is your time boys.

It’s our game.

It’s character.


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