Ten thoughts

1. Time – THE most precious resource you will ever possess.  And if you are not careful in how you use it – it can come to possess you. It is something only to be spent – and despite your efforts otherwise – it proves very difficult to bank.   What you get – is what you get. There is no better time than “now”. So always “be” where you are.  And make the absolute most of your treasured allotment.

2. Time part 2 – sometimes, “things” need to happen on their own time. This has nothing to do with the alignment of stars and planets, destiny or fate. Just how life goes. You might want, work and dream for something in the worst way. Your committed effort might make it happen.  But then again – it might not. When it doesn’t, there is still something of value to be taken from the experience. Learning to persevere  and have faith to name the top two. It all matters.  It all means something. As Tom Petty once said “the waiting is the hardest part.” Yes it is. But one thing is for certain.  Even in the waiting, you are being made ready for something even better.

3. Finish – you wouldn’t end an essay test without a conclusion or paint 3 of the four walls in your bedroom. You wouldn’t call it a quarter after 7 minutes and you wouldn’t drop the football two yards from the goal line – unless you play for Utah.  A tackle isn’t stopping half way down to the ground and a block doesn’t end just as your teammate is half way through the hole.  You finish so you learn how to do it.  Practice makes permanent. If you know how to do it – and can always do it – then it will be  second nature.  You finish because you never can know what might lay ahead. That one instant you choose to shrug it off could change everything.

4. Look out for one another – being a teammate does not end this evening or begin the first day of practice. It is a 24/7/365 privilege – not a burden. Everyone needs a pat on the back, a kind word or an arm around the shoulder at some point. There could be a time when they would benefit from a swift kick in the you know where.  Especially if they are about to make a horrid choice or continue to make them. Standing up for them shows them you are with them.  And believe it or not, standing up to them – when warranted – is difficult, but needs to be done. It is proof positive that they matter enough to you to take that risk.   .

5. Embrace change – you might be asked to do something different, play another position, assume a different role.  Or, you might be asked to let go of things. In some fashion or another, they all represent an opportunity.  And if you are possessed of an open mind, and a positive attitude, you will be able to see the ultimate benefit and blessing change can bestow.

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6. Dreams are blue prints – They are not wishes. A dream is a living breathing plan you live, work and play within until you make it to the real thing. You have to be able to see it there in your head and feel it in your heart first.  Consider it on the job training.  Dream so you know what it is going to take, all the way from here inside to there outside,  before you actually make the trip.

7. Author a masterpiece – since you are the one dreamin’ the dream and drawing the blueprint, it might as well be a masterpiece. It should capture all of your aspirations, highlight all your strengths and describe all the best that is in you. Several chapters should be devoted to where you recognize your shortcomings.  How you transformed yourself. Overcame. And maximized your capacity. So when you dream it – dream big. And when you write it – be bold. Make it a page turner. One you and others will not ever want to put down.

8. It all matters – your thoughts, words and deeds – regardless of how  inconsequential or trivial they may seem.  They carry weight. They have mass. Somehow, sometime, somewhere, one of them might become the basis of your biggest victory – or – the most humbling defeat. Even as I speak, something said might plant a seed. The simple act of opening the door for someone on the way out could be the best thing that happened to that individual all week. A thought avoided – because of what it might require or lead to – could be the one to reveal your purpose. It all matters. It all has meaning for you as well as for someone else. You can never know.  So – you should always be at your best.

9. Character is the coin of the realm – who you are – good or bad – precedes you everywhere you go. The good that you are and that you do can lead to even more good.  But once things go south, it can be very difficult to walk anything back. You can find yourself caught up in the big and lose sight of the small. Details like keeping your word, doing your best, being a positive influence and doing the right thing seem like such little diversions. But they provide a foundation for all that will follow and for all you can become. This has nothing to do with reputation. That is what others think of you. This has everything to do with character. What you know is true about you.

10. Doubts are traitors – Made to betray your efforts,your commitments and your character. They seek to cajole and finesse you into believing your best interests lay in accepting the security of the present instead of embracing the possibilities of what can follow. Twisting events and circumstance so your only perspective is negative.

Presenting the appearance that consequences are more evident and abundant than the opportunity that always resides on just the other side. Doubts are the comforting arm around your shoulder you seek when you fail – before you even attempt to try.

They are the self-generated distractions designed to let you off the hook. The white noise of excuses and drama.

As James Allen once put it: “Man is made or unmade by himself; in the armory of thought he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself.”  Yet  in that very same armory are housed the tools of your salvation, opportunity and excellence.

Choose to live as “who” you see yourself being.

Act as “what” you intend to become.

Imagine you are already “where” you dream of going


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