Just like Tom

The Mequon-Thiensville community is favored with some highly prized natural resources.

And if you dig a little around these parts, you are bound to come across a gem.

One that makes it their mission to do the missionary work in our community.

The sturdy soul possessing an innate sense to feel a “need”  – and – the will to fill it.

An unbridled loyalist, beholden only to our greater good,

Actively invested in our home town and genuinely engaged in raising us all up.

Not simply  content to move things forward, but intent on showing us how to pay it forward.

Heeding their unique call to serve, humbly assuming any role – or roles – as needed; however, wherever and whenever.

Guided by a gratitude that can  only be found in servant-hood to others.

A welcome burden of obligation, born of love and unconditionally accepted.


The one that endeavors to make things “go”.

Just like Tom Volke.

A true gem.

A man, a husband, a father/grandfather, coach/mentor, servant/leader, and hall of famer.

The guy that unflinchingly rallies to the cause when the moving parts need to be assembled, organized and set on their way.

Tom is one that is ready to be counted and happy to be counted on.

A seasoned man for nearly all seasons.

Decades of ’em.

Whether managing the clock during Homestead football and basketball games, or,  working to feed the needs of a hungry cast and the crew during athletic events at Homestead High School, Tom makes things tick.

Exerting his warm brand of paternal leadership in support of all the pursuits that bring out the best in all of our kids.

Generations of ’em.

Few can match the tenure of this true servant to the folks here in the  Mequon-Thiensville community.

Nor is he simply an integral part of the many institutions and organizations he seeks to help.

Like the M-T Optimist Club, Homestead High School, Highlander Football, Basketball or the Homestead Sports Boosters, to name a few.

Or those he helps to start.

Like Cardinal Youth Football and the AAYFL,  nearly 38 years ago.

Tom is an institution unto himself.

And though he has likely walked miles of steps leading up to the press box, lifted tons of concessions to feed the masses and favors a more deliberate pace these days, there is definitely no quit in Tom.

Forever a staunch M-T loyalist.

Beholden only to our greater good.

Moving the cause ahead while payin’ it forward.

Heeding his own unique call to serve.

It is rare to come across a gem of this quality.

And when you do, you will find they shine with a brilliance all their own.

For a very long time.

Just like Tom.



One thought on “Just like Tom”

  1. I have lived in Mequon since 1976. I worked for the M-T school district for 31 years. Tom was there when I came and he is still there making a positive difference in everything he does. He is truly an asset to be valued and appreciated. All you have mentioned is an understatement of this man’s dedication.

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