Setting your bar

“If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?”
T.S. Eliot

And just like that, in a way, Mr. Eliot succinctly describes how you should go about setting your bar.

Well over your head.

Without a doubt, being in “over your head” can be unsettling sensation.  Clearly it represents a journey outside of your comfort zone.

For it presents a wide array of challenges.  A certain introduction to a full spectrum of emotions.

Like mere anxiety.  Mild trepidation.  Even absolute terror.

So whether you begin to gravitate towards  – or  intend to levitate over  – a vision that is well over your head, just to do so might seem counter-intuitive.

At first.

Eventually, you will come to  realize that letting go of where you are,  so that you can jump into a place you have never been,  has its own rewards.

Like opportunity.

For once that initial shock has subsided and time has been able to work its wonders, the distance between the top of our noggin and that challenge will begin to change.

Not so much that the height of the challenge has diminished.

But more so that you have risen to the occasion.


Ultimately, it is always your choice.

The  opportunity to control your stature.

And, that of the challenges you face, whether by circumstance or design.

You can spend your whole life seeing only what there is at eye level, and lead a pedestrian existence.

Or you can raise your bar.

Take command of your trajectory.

And envision how high you can go.

I am telling you, you will like what you see.

And in time, you will find you wouldn’t  want to be in any other place.

But in over your head.


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