Like PF

That moment I first met Pastor Freyer?

It escapes me.

But fortunately for me, and  for so many others around these parts, his  loving influence has not.

At times it was supportive. Other times, regenerative.

But above all else, his influence was eternally optimistic.


A genuine, powerful and lasting presence in our community.

Never should one have doubted PF’s tenacious,  constancy of intention.  Nor his resolute conviction in the critical essence of his purpose.

Throughout his life – though it might have received an assist in his later years – that ticker of his never missed a beat.

It always rapped out a strong, steady rhythm of love.


It was  that particular refrain that spoke  to PF’s keen appreciation on how best it was  to conduct ourselves and to order our lives.

To love first.

And it was his fervent desire that above all else, we address every matter of the moment – good and bad – in that very fashion.

With love.

Perhaps that was his special talent.

His gift. 

That innate ability to become such an essential element in our lives.


In so many lives.

Maybe that is what made him who he was.

And still is this very moment.

That friend you always seemed to know.

The leader you have always wanted to emulate.

A man you have always respected.

The father you will always love.

The teacher of life long lessons.

That Coach in the most important game of all.

Now I am sure it took him years to develop, but Coach Freyer had perfected the art of operating in stealth mode.

It wasn’t that he had some secret agenda.

More so that he always thought, spoke and acted with great intention, divine purpose and an unconditional love for others.

I liken him to a master gardener.

His purpose?  To plant seeds.

Seeds of opportunity, possibility and hope.

Spread with love.

A comment here.  A story there.

Some wisdom shared everywhere.

All tended to with abundant faith.

For when Coach  spoke, it came  directly  from the source.  A genuine, powerful  and loving “voice of suggestion.”

And all one needed to do was listen.

The things he saw in me, the seeds he planted and the way he cared for me have literally changed my life for the better.  And forever.

And no matter what, I know he will always be there for me.  1546147_10202901124724250_7428258242941653696_n

Truly the workings of a master gardener.

Now there was this one amazing  gift that seems to be totally exclusive to Coach Freyer.

He had this uncanny ability to know exactly when I needed to hear from him the most.  A blessing I am  sure he shared  with many, many others.

It was like he had it down to the minute.

That moment where it seemed all was lost and  I was about to cave in.

Then,  the phone would ring.

And there he was.


Just in time.

Saving me.

Changing the course of the moment.  Day. And life.

Lightening the load.

Telling  me he thinks about me.

And that he loves me.

Maybe Ellsworth was born to this world on March 25, 1935.

But on May 25, 2016 he was born to eternal life.

A destination he always sought. The final stop secured by the way he conducted himself and  patterned his life.

So in honor of Coach, it would be fitting to practice some of what he has preached for all these years.

Take a page from his book of life.

Give someone a call.

Drop them an email, a text, a message.

Stop by just because.

Be the one to save them from caving in.

Be the one to change the course of that moment. Their day.

Their life.

Be the one to lighten their load.

Be the one to let  them know you are thinking of them.

Be the one to love them.


We can all make time to carry on his purpose.

To tend his garden.

Make others blossom and grow.

And spread some love.

Like PF.


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