Team, together

“On June 12, 2006,  the Homestead basketball community lost a beloved coach, colleague and friend.

Coach Chekouras,  boys basketball coach at Homestead High School since 1988,  passed away.

Coach was an inspiration to so many because of the manner in which he lived.  He viewed his basketball teams as an opportunity to mold lives in a positive way.


The “Team Together Award” is awarded to the varsity basketball player or manager who embodies the integrity and personal attributes that Coach John Chekouras demonstrated through the way he lived and strived to teach each team member.

The student as voted on by his teammates, will be a person of strong character who:

– Works hard on and off the basketball court

– Is a student of the game

– Dedicated himself to the team and the program as a whole

– Puts the good of the team above himself

– Understands his role on the team

– Helps team members to improve

– Is involved in school activities beyond basketball

– Stands firm in the face of challenges and struggles on and off the court

– Is polite to adults and his peers

– Makes the right decisions even when adults and coaches are not present

– Is a good student and strives to do his best in the classroom”

I regret that I never had an opportunity to get to know Coach Chekouras.

I am sure that he would have cast as lasting an impression on me, as he did on all those younger men he coached on  his basketball teams for those 18 wonderful years.

But little by little,  I think I am getting to know him.

By  getting to know some of the kids with  the mettle to be honored in his name.

Passing his muster.

The student-athletes that have walked his walk and conducted themselves in Coach’s image.

Now from what I know of Mr. Sutton, and based on the  criteria laid out above, I can see a great deal of Coach –  in him.

If you have any doubts,  just look at the company Mitch  keeps.


This one is most definitely of the mold that Coach had sought to create.

To be honored in this fashion is significant, Mitch.

So treat it as such.

I am sure Coach  is pleased with you.

Mr. Mitch Sutton.

One who Coach Chekouras  would trust to bring a team, together.



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