….’cause next up for M-T is the enlightenment.

We are in the midst of a renaissance – of sorts.

The wonderful residue of a gradual, deliberate and all-encompassing transition from “no growth” to “ok, let’s grow”.

Common sense commercial development straddles our main corridors;  Port Washington, Mequon and Cedarburg Road.

A town center.




Lots of them.  And all in need of some help.

 In parallel, the beginnings of a  residential rebirth.

Multifamily projects.


Plans for new subdivisions with an old-fashioned neighborhood appeal.

Providing an all important avenue into M-T for those just starting their families and looking for the one place they can call “home”.

As well as access for seniors looking to simplify.


All of this , while preserving the character of M-T.

And maintaining the quality of life we cherish in these parts.

Like the music…


…our parks…






…or taking in a game at our gem of a ball diamond


What inspired this level of community  revitalization?

Big picture thinking.

Leaders articulating a truly bold vision.

Action with intention.

Creating broad investment in a trajectory aimed at success.

Guided by excellence,

All of which also defines another extraordinary aspect of our community.

Our schools.

A higher order approach to education, opportunity and a life of learning that makes us the number one district in the state.

If not the Midwest.

A genuine investment and commitment  to the idea that music, “Teatro” and the fine arts are as valued and cherished an experience and endeavor as our “University of Homestead” athletic program.

The belief that Latin is not dead and Mandarin has a place in a foreign language department.

That the appeal of forensics should not be consigned to lame TV shows .

That budding  writers, photographers and videographers can find their voice through school or community publications and media outlets..

That “Rube” is alive and well and robotics is cool.

And AP classes are college level courses in disguise.

This is a team of academic professionals with the conviction to shift the curriculum paradigm to trimesters.

With superb results.

And perhaps in the not too distant future, our high school students will have the opportunity to be tested as though they were already on campus. Being challenged to think, create, articulate and defend.

Not just fill in a computer bingo card with a #2 pencil.

Which brings us here.

We already know what the big picture looks like.


The vision has been articulated.


Now, we need to act with intention.

And invest in a trajectory aimed at success.

Guided by a community wide  quest for excellence,

All of which will define us.

And show how we value education for generations to come.

Vote “yes”.

Our school buildings need to be a part of this rejuvenation.

The community renaissance.

‘Cause next up  for M-T is the enlightenment.








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