Putting character into practice

The competitive nature of athletics is said to develop character.

And, it is thought that adversity’s task is to reveal it.


But maybe character isn’t so much in need of development or of being revealed.

Though its expectations remain high, it could be that character’s demands are much simpler to grasp.

Maybe character is just desperate to be heard.

To be trusted and afforded the benefit of the doubt.

That stands to reason.

Since character always knows the right thing to do and just when to do it.

And as you begin to listen, then hear, you will find yourself drawn closer towards it.

Finding comfort in its embrace, a sense of purpose  in its guidance and a growing courage to use it to face everything life can throw your way.

Character simply yearns to be the first, the best and the last choice you would ever make.  And learning to act upon its “recommendation”, puts you on a trajectory aimed directly toward your best interests.

Let’s look at it this way.

To effect tangible, positive and lasting influence on anything you choose to master, only one thing is known to work.


If it is engineering, medicine or teaching that has captured your heart, then you put your desires to practice.


The cello? Singing arias, painting with watercolors, architecture, cooking or film?  Mastery is not gained in one attempt.  But in many.

FullSizeRender (13)

It takes practice.

Is it service that calls you?

1796852_10203864523679498_8165145303086918516_oThen finding the pathway – both within and without –  that will lead you there takes effort, commitment.

And, practice.

For some, athletic competition is what makes the  spirit soar.  To become all you intend to be, you have to employ all that you are to honor that purpose.

528a8dfb9c747.imageThrough  practice.

So to be able to hear, trust and embrace character’s voice?

It takes practice.

By developing good listening habits.

Getting attuned to its singular voice.

Hearing its message.

Having faith in its command and commit to heeding its wisdom.

Learning to allow it to be your unshakable guide and loyal mentor.

And developing  the patience to allow it to do its work.

Over, and over,  and over, and over again.

Putting character into practice.



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