“Next lady up”

“Next man up.”

A bold statement of duty, will, “want to” and  guts.

An oath both taken and made to one another.

If you traveled 90 some miles north, you will find that level of commitment in ample supply at Lambeau.

On fall Friday nights, you can find it right here, on the sidelines just north of Mequon Road.

Or, you could just head out to the pitch and watch these ladies play.


For they too are a team that has taken that same oath and embraced a high level of commitment.

To paraphrase William Shakespeare on the subject of greatness, he once wrote that you should not be afraid of it.  No matter the circumstances.  Even if it is thrust upon you.

The same applies to adversity.

Be not afraid of it, even when it is thrust upon you.

Now it would be difficult  to come up with another team that has had more than its fair share thrust upon them in one season.


But this group has persevered.

And by leaning into the many challenges that have come their way, they have created an incredible engine of opportunity.

The residue of putting that mindset of “next man up” into practice.

For example; the tilt  for the conference title against G-town the other night.

These ladies  played with no fear.


No quarter was given.  And none was taken.

download (5)

Sprints up, down and across the field.

Over and over.


Every spot, possession and mark – contested.


And for their troubles, more often than not,  a sudden and jarring personal introduction to the pitch.

And yet,  there was no indication they were ever concerned about leaving the field upright.

download (2)

Just that they left it – victorious.

download (6)

So to coin a phrase; “be not afraid of adversity even if it is thrust upon you.”

Because if you can find a way to handle that, then you will be in a position to make the most of just about any challenging situation.

And once you can learn to do that, you will be equipped to can handle the greatness that is soon to follow.

There is still more to accomplish this season for these Highlanders.

Along a path they will likely have to make for themselves.

So no matter what comes next, be not afraid.

And maybe it’s more appropriate to say:

“Next lady up.”


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