A weekend chock full of awesome

It was first dated  towards the end of September 2011. Part of a “Quote of the Day” email sent to the troops.

A perfectly descriptive phrase.

An expression coined by someone out in Cardinal Nation to reflect the blessings-a-plenty we all experienced for those two days.

“A weekend full of awesome.” *  

Considering all that is right with our world these days, that thought someone shared several years ago applies perfectly to this moment.

A star to be gets to sing with a star.10388211_10155700912080623_5093263245641226591_n

Grade school friends playing in one last high school All-Star Game together.


A young lady that absolutely lives to ski gets a home performance.


A young man – and his band mates – gets to play before a home crowd.


A community wide get together – beginning with a parade and full marching bands.


Little ones playing in All-Star games on the little diamonds.


Big ones playing in All-Star games on the big field.


And the cherry on top?



No other way to describe it other than:

A weekend chock full of awesome.

*(I sure would like to know who said it -“a weekend full of awesome” –  you need to get an “atta boy/girl” for the ideal description of that early fall weekend – and so many other times in our lives. You might want to take a page out of Rick Reilly’s play book and put a trademark on that one – as long as I can put to use once in a while.)


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