Why “110”

Wanted to share a few thoughts with all of you about “110.”
From the last night of conditioning.
“110” is not just some arbitrary number.
 Nor  a reference to giving 110%.
Or just the amount of push-ups that were done.
“110” represents something altogether different.
Throughout the summer and this past week, in person and via email, I alluded to “100”.
Pointing to the day when we would achieve that goal.
Hit that number.
Not just as a 5th grader starting out or an 8th grader doing it for the last time.
But  together.
“As one.”
To give you a hint of what is possible if you work together, stay together and look after one another.
Because I assure you that there will be many more “100” days this season on the field and off of it going forward.
Moments that you will want to build toward and challenges you will want to overcome.
So now that you have been there, you know the way.
And that  you can persevere and get through it.
Why “110”?
images (5)
Because whether it is football, school or life, too many have given up too soon, not knowing that achievement and success was literally an instant away.
Often in the space of just ten more.
It was “110” so that each of you knows you can hang in there just a little longer.  Work a little harder. And simply not give up.
Because it is precisely at that moment when things can – and will – turn for the better.
In the space of just ten more.
Now, you know that way exists too.



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