A desert may be defined as an arid, unforgiving environment that offers very little to support any form of life. With very little or no precipitation and offering nothing to shield one from the heat of the day or protect tone from the chill of the night, not many could survive very long, alone, in a desert.

Metaphorically, a desert could also illustrate one or more of those times in your life when things can seem as parched, cold, unforgiving and unbearable.

As our shortcomings, missteps, defeats and failures are laid bare, the image of our own personal landscape may soon  change.  That once verdant oasis holding abundant  gifts, talents and blessings might now lay hidden behind a shimmering mirage of numerous laws.

Lacking any protection from the intensity of the heat that can be generated through personal accountability, one can feel the burn of actions ill-conceived.

The numbing impact of thinking that we just might be going it all alone, can reduce one’s days to a shivering journey.  A lonely trek through the cold sand once the sun goes down.

As such, an encounter with any of our personal deserts can be just as daunting an expedition as wandering  through the Sahara.

It could be a desert  of our own making; the result of an ill thought, leading to the wrong words, followed by  a poor choice. Perhaps assuming a risk we weren’t prepared to handle or are ill-equipped to  overcome has left us alone in the “wilderness”.

Maybe it was some challenge that ultimately got the best of us and what we could offer at the moment.

On the other hand, maybe our desert is  one of those situations considered nothing more than “the hand we were dealt”; an injury, an illness, or the loss of a loved one.

Sometimes we need to learn how to endure that “lost” sensation.

To submit to being stripped down to our core does not necessarily mean we are defective and have to be rebuilt.

More often than not, we seem to unintentionally  – or intentionally – build over our best features, losing sight of who we really are. Losing some of these veneers will enable us to confront ourselves in an honest and transparent fashion.

As we journey through life, an encounter with one or multiple, interconnected deserts is something that is bound to happen.

In fact, it is something that needs to happen so that a deeper message can be transmitted directly to each of us.

A message whose signal can only be detected within the confines of a desert.

Regardless of the circumstance, each desert we enter, cross and exit  has within it a specific purpose.

Even as we find ourself in the midst of its wide, inhospitable expanse, and the emptiness of that moment begins to close in about us, all is not lost.

With some courage, we need not be held hostage, adopting a perspective that begs the question “why me?”.

A more fitting and proper viewpoint would be the simple, declarative statement:

“It’s for me”.


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