Says so right there on the blue print

A dream is not a wish.

It is a blue print.

A vividly detailed image of you – at the precise moment you reach the pinnacle.


A vision that you create, carry and work towards your entire journey.

It is a likeness so graphic, kept so tightly bound within your heart, mind and spirit, that you can actually live in it.

You can feel the wind on the field.

Smell the season in the air.

Sense the warmth of the sun on your skin.

Hear the huddle break and cadence begin.

An image – of what you want, where you want to go and what you will become – that will provide a focal point for your thoughts, words and deeds, each step of the way.


An image of such mass that you cannot help but be pulled toward it.

Because once you have been able to capture all of this from within, all that remains is to make it come to life.


To commit to action.

To follow your blue print.

And make your reality on the outside match what you have “seen”, “felt” and “known” all along on the inside.


One of my favorite moments each fall comes during our football banquet, listening to Coach Keel create this very powerful image.

Just like this year.

His wonderful words echo in my heart.  And they apply directly to all of you:

“….when that  day comes, have your parents get you to Camp Randall  a little early.

Because once you get there, and have had a chance to take it all in, you have to do this for me:

Close your eyes.

Feel the anticipation.

Hear the crowd and the excitement begin to build.

Smell the air.

Then imagine yourself down there.

On that field.

With your team – teammates huddled around you.

Parents, family and friends in the stands, on their feet, cheering.

Sense the anticipation beginning  to rise.

Then, you hear your name called.

Into the tunnel you sprint.

You feel the wonderful sting of the hand slaps.  Listen to the shouts and exhortations of your friends.

See their expressions of pure joy.  

Then the whistle, the approach. and suddenly the ball is arching high in the sky, heading your way, end over end.

Teammates converging.

Blocks thrown.

Only one left to read.

And then, with a roar from the crowd, you break free up along the side line….”

Dreams do come true.


Says so it right there on the blueprint.


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