What some might call joy.

With no readily apparent reason, you become aware of this unsettled, jumbled up feeling inside.


“Not sure what to expect”.

Maybe there is a  choppiness in your home life, at the office or out in the world.

Not way off kilter, just kind of unbalanced.


It don’t feel so much like dread or worry.  More so a sibling to nervous anticipation.  A sense of waiting. Some internal pacing.

” Don’t know what might happen next”.

And though things on the surface seem “situation normal”, the mooring seems to be shifting.



You address an urge and embark on some internal recon.

Embrace that “not sure what to expect”, unsettled anxious feeling inside.

Head straight towards that choppiness.

Engage the waiting and the internal pacing known to accompany  ” don’t know what might happen next”.

Shifting your attention, you enhance your focus towards finding a root cause.

No passive navel gazing.

But digging.  In earnest.

A deeper reflection.

Guided by active, intentional, discernment.

Then, recognizing that things are in need of re-order, eventually,  you find yourself zeroing in on two small words.




But in this case, not as they are most commonly employed.

Your efforts shed some light on a different perspective.

Off-center as well.

You begin to see things with another line of sight.

From His point of view.

And gaining a better appreciation for their true definition – but now in the context of a much grander scheme of things.

Not the one for the other.

But the inherent relationship that exists between them.

The proper one.

A divine interaction governed by a more spiritual and lasting interdependence.

In essence, how you are meant to give order to those words in living your life with respect to Him.

Making His want – your need.

For it all really just comes down to this essential truth:

He desires and wishes to possess us.

Not as chattel or property.

But as a loving Father would.  He wants only the best for us.  For us to achieve, succeed and live a life beyond our wildest dreams.

And like any Dad, He knows His children.

Far before they were the glimmer in the eyes of their earthly parents. He knows everything about them.

How they were made. What they were made for.  And what is best for each and every one.

Being the kids that we are, we don’t think so.

We emphatically claim our desire for independence.

Pushing boundaries.

Having tantrums.

Showing Him by storming off.

Yet encased deep in the reality of the secrets we keep tucked away, we long for Him.

To feel safe.

Know we are secure.

And most of all, to have a Father’s unconditional love.

That is precisely what we need.

Not only to have a Father as such.  But to truly know Him as well.

Our most basic need will be satisfied when we are able to give Him what he wants:


Remember that unsettled feeling I spoke of?

Well, if you can look at things from this Father’s perspective, then two things are for certain.

That unsettled feeling begins to dissipate once we reorder our need to fit His want.

With patience and the blessings of time, it is transformed, and begins to feel like something else:


Now, “you do know what will happen next”.

Because He is on it.

The nervous anticipation?

That queasy flock of butterflies take flight.  A new sensation takes hold  A  giddiness built on divine expectation.

So perhaps bringing  your need in line with His want makes things in your life at home, in the office or out in the world topsy-turvy.

Not way off kilter, just off-center.

Or at the very least, they seem to be that way.

But maybe, just maybe,  that is what being centered really feels like.


“I now know what to expect”

And once you can allow His peace into your life, you are sure to meet its steadfast companion.

What some might call joy.


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