Your example set in flesh

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”  Warren Bennis

While I tend to agree with Mr. Bennis’ assertion, for leadership  to have a genuine permanence, it must first start from within. Then be applied in total – without.

And,  through out.

Sort of like the leadership found in all these visionaries.


Seventeen of ’em.

Declaring their intentions to the world.  Ready to  transform  their collegiate athletic aspirations into reality.

But leadership isn’t just a trait consigned solely to our fields of play.

It springs up from a well that runs deep in these parts.

Just look at the leadership you will find in our community

Aspiring engineers, physicians and entrepreneurs to be.


Musicians, artists, writers, orators, linguists, teachers.



And those that will heed the call and choose to serve.


Our beloved b’s and g’s taking their first steps towards the opportunities, challenges and rewards of a higher education and beyond.

The men and women in our community that are well on their way towards a higher order of leadership.

One that can only be found through an intensely personal endeavor.

That of acquiring self-mastery.

Now it is one thing to first envision your goals.  Train yourself to “see” the path that needs to be forged to take you there.  Then somehow divine all of the things from point A and B that may come into play in between.

All of that pretty much has to go on in the inside.

But then comes the tricky part. Where the rubber meets the road.


Squaring up all that goes on within, to all that you want, are and do – without.

And,  through out.

This takes an entirely different level of commitment.

Self-discipline squared.

And exemplary character.

For to articulate the true vision of your intentions, you must be fluent.

In thought. Word. And in deed.

Not once in while.

But all of the time.

Only by donning the habits of excellence and aspiring to this level of self-mastery, can one model uncommon leadership.


Because when it comes down to it, leadership is more than just the talk and then walking that talk.

A leader must first and foremost become the living and breathing message themselves.

Articulated fluently.

An embodiment of the vision.

Living proof that it has been done.

Is being done.

And can be done yet again.

Both inside, then – out.

And, through out.

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality

Your example set in flesh.


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