The Four Pillars: Leadership – by Carolyn Rossman

Leadership is a choice; however, it is not the choice advertised by the regiments of society. The choice of what kind of leader one will end up being depends more on character in my opinion. People always say there are born leaders and followers, but it is not that simple. There are, simply put those who chose to lead and those who allow themselves to be lead.

Every moment you grace others with your presence your influence them. The collection of these instantaneous moments of interaction is what compiles YOUR influence and others. For this reason it is vital to live every waking moment in the light of what you want your influence to look like.

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This is where National Honors Society comes in. Along with character, scholarship, and service, Leadership is one of the four pillars on which NHS finds its balance. All equally important, sure, yet leadership is what gets the ball rolling for change in all of the other categories, especially in the context of this organization.

As far as NHS goes, though only 5 of you will end up with official leadership titles, each and every one of you now has to obligation to live, “leaderly” lives, and yes I made up that word. Leaders are a resource in high demand, and you juniors all process the potential to lead positively.  

As you all move forward as members of this society and of the world, remember your personal potential for change, because every interaction in your personal filing cabinet makes you who you are, and as members, you make the promise to place all of them in a leadership folder.


Whether you chose to partake in an activity or plan it in its entirety, you still took the initiative to make a change. So now as all of you juniors get inducted into the ranks of National Honors Society, I challenge you not to allow yourselves to be led, but,  to lead.

Carolyn Rossman – HHS 2016


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