And be like Bridget

This is a short  story about  Bridget Quick – Homestead High School Class of 2009 – written by Bridget Quick.

Bridget  is also a  graduate of the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor Class of 2013 – with a BSE in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Manufacturing and Design.

I learned of Miss Quick’s  endeavors through the  teen math and science wizardess that resides with us at home.    Olivia met Bridget during an outing sponsored by GEMS – Girls Exploring Science and Math – through Mr. Sivanich and Homestead a few weeks back.

I detected some spring in her step as she talked about the day’s events. And once I learned of Miss Quick’s involvement in the program and her career venture, I just knew her story had to be shared with all of you.

Girls can be engineers.

And if some little voice says “try it” – then by all means – listen

You see the world differently than us guys

And it will benefit by the ideas, innovations and creations only you can imagine.

So please, take  a few moments to read what this pioneer has to say about her path.

Take it away Bridget:

My journey to becoming a Harley-Davidson engineer began in early high school when discussing options for college with friends and family.

I had always excelled and enjoyed my math classes but was also very passionate about my art classes. While looking for a field of study that could incorporate those interests, my father suggested I consider patent law, which would require an undergraduate degree in either electrical or mechanical engineering.

With that in mind, I began looking at schools with top-level engineering programs that also excelled in other areas, in case I decided that engineering was not for me. After considering many different college options, I ultimately decided that the University of Michigan would be the best fit for me.

Once at Michigan, I was required to start my degree with multiple Introductory Engineering courses. In one of these courses, the professor went through various types of engineering and what the field of study would entail.

During his overview of Mechanical engineering, he played a segment from 60-Minutes that explored Ideo, a multidisciplinary design consulting firm. The episode went through the process that the design team took to redesign a shopping cart; this process included brainstorming, research, concept generation and much more.

After viewing this video, I was immediately hooked on the idea of becoming a product design engineer. I felt this would be the perfect fit for my passion in math and creativity leading me to declare a major of Mechanical Engineering.

During college, I had the opportunity to consider many different careers and companies as the field of Mechanical Engineering can apply to many jobs including manufacturing, quality, design, consulting and so much more.

While I had interest in becoming a design engineer, I also was very interested in all aspects of the automotive industry and explored this interest as an intern at General Motors in Manufacturing though I continued to hope for a job in design engineering.

While I enjoyed my time in Ann Arbor, I had always hoped I would find a career that would lead me back to Milwaukee. This desire combined with my interest in design and the automotive industry made Harley-Davidson engineering a dream job.


As my job hunt began, I applied to H-D with low expectations as the company did not have many entry-level positions available at the time. After multiple interviews, my dream job became a reality!

I currently work as a Design Engineer at H-D, where I am the Chief Engineer of my components/systems for various new projects and am responsible for end-to-end design and delivery through a deliberate focus on exceeding expectations for quality, cost, timing, weight and wow.

My recent projects have included delivery of the brand new Smoked Satin Chrome finish for the MY16.5 Pro Street Breakout and new seats and handlebars for both the Pro Street Breakout and Low Rider S.


In my free time, I enjoy health and fitness of any kind specifically weightlifting, running and playing recreational soccer and volleyball.

My passion for a healthy lifestyle is also demonstrated in my involvement with Girls on the Run, a non-profit that inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. I have been a member of the board of Directors for Girls on the Run as the Secretary for a year and a half.

I also volunteer every week at the Wisconsin Humane society assisting in the adoption process and regularly volunteer through Newaukee events and opportunities.

I love living in downtown Milwaukee and feel that volunteering is a great way to give back to the city that I get to explore and enjoy every day.” BQ

So to you young ladies out there that love math and science:

Do not dismiss the notion of becoming an EE, ME, industrial, civil, or biomechanical engineer.

You can and should

Listen to that voice.

Imagine the possibilities.

Embrace the pioneering spirit.

And be like Bridget

Well done young lady

You too mom and pop.


One thought on “And be like Bridget

  1. kayfreyer

    Love it love it love it. Thanks for sharing. As I read her article – I thought – now that is some resume!!!!!! I would hire her immediately. I love her ATTITUDE. As I speak with more and more young people – I have FAITH in the world we’re leaving them!

    I just watched the Adam Laroche interview on TV this morning. What a wonderful dad he is! And what an excellent example! Made my day – GOOD news not BAD news to start out the day! Yippee!

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