At some point in your life, you may get tested in ways you could never possibly imagine.

As you are being tested, it may seem unfair, ill-timed and impossible to endure.

It might seem you are given more than you can handle.

And the reasons for your particular test may not be readily apparent.


But believe in this; tests serve a purpose.

Perhaps it is to make you look at things differently; to appreciate the blessings that surround you every moment of your life.

Maybe it is a wake up call; designed to get you to change course, to become that person you were intended to be.

In some cases, it might be that others need to see you in the battle of your life so that they can learn to fight the smaller skirmishes of theirs.
In other words, you were chosen to be tested so that others could become what they were always meant to be.

It all makes perfect sense.

We are here for one another in some capacity; yet to be determined.
Even when you are up against it, at your worst and cannot possibly fathom how you will ever continue, someone is watching, listening and drawing inspiration and strength from your personal calamity.

Your resolve to endure and overcome your test restores an other’s faith that they can too.

And in your bold action can be found a sense of shared purpose.


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