It is how you choose to carry it

In order to acquire self-mastery, you first need to employ self-discipline.

Once on the path to self-mastery, your opportunities will multiply. You will be working from a foundation built for achievement,the pursuit of excellence and eventually – success.

Yet mastery of self is entirely and exclusively reliant on your attitude.


A positive attitude will provide you with safe passage.It prevents you from treading down an ever slippery slope of largely self-induced emotional blackmail.

It guards you from living down to low expectations.

Protects you from acquiescing to the laws of just being average.

Settling for whatever happens to come your way.

If you neglect to master your attitude first – you run the risk limiting or losing the potential that exists in you; in that moment and in the future.

A lack of vigilance when it comes to your attitude can turn you against yourself.

Pitting opportunity against expediency.

You can become your own worst enemy.

Choosing the easy way out. A route that has led many to react rather than respond.

A decision to let emotion and pride rule the day.

A poor attitude can and will run roughshod over your talents and aspirations before you even know it. Especially when it comes to responding to even the smallest bit of adversity.

It can happen in an instant,perhaps in a sequence that goes something like this:


Why me?

Why can?t anything ever be easy, or work the way I want it to?

Why does this always happen to me?

When am I going to catch a break.

I cannot do this any more. I wish I was somewhere else.

Why can?t this day be over?”

You see what can happen in the span of about 60 seconds? You can react and send yourself plummeting off the deep end to drown in self-pity,defeatism and despair.


Yet if you can find it in yourself to respond, to be positive, you could end up carrying that same load in this fashion:


A challenge made just for me.

A chance to test myself again!

I must get all of these opportunities because I can handle them.

When this one is over, I hope I get another chance to reveal my character.

I can do anything if I give it my best !

I am going to make the most of this moment !

An opportunity like this may never come again.

I am made for this. “

See how that can work for you?  It is how you choose to carry it.


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