Frame it in your mind, build it and make it your home

To build the frame of mind that can accommodate a life-long pursuit of excellence requires something above and beyond just the ordinary.

To move well beyond the “so-so”, the “just getting by” and the average, and become what you were intended to be – all that you think, all that you say and everything you do must be targeted towards that outcome.


While we all know that attitude has everything to do with everything, excellence is an entity that is far more than just that.

As Aristotle once said: “You will become what you repeatedly do”.

Over time, you will achieve excellence – but only by behaving in that fashion. To build an excellence frame of mind, you first need to envision what it will look like.

Equipped with a mental picture of that, a foundation can be laid, and a dwelling can be built.


A structure suitable for housing an “excellence” way of life.

A lifelong pursuit filled with the thoughts, words, deeds and eventually – habits – that are needed to make that journey.

Work and effort are the buttress to the foundation that houses your excellence way of life. . They are the essential elements to any worthwhile pursuit. And the true value of effort – committed and unrelenting – is the lessons it teaches. When you place a high value on effort, guided by that singular vision of making it your way of life, it inevitably becomes “you”. It is an essential element of who you are as a person, growing into your core.

The pursuit of excellence might take you on some twists and turns along the way.

You may be called to mentor, serve and lead.

Others may need your guidance, support and time.

You just might need to “take some of them in. Your excellence way of life should also be able to accommodate the needs of others.

For that reason, when you frame your mind towards excellence, leave room in your plans so you can “add-on”.

With a foundation set in effort and work, you can literally build upward and outward as far as your dreams can take you. You may even find that you need to dig a deeper foundation. A roof may just get in the way.


For while you keep your feet on the ground your eyes need to have an unrestrained view of the stars.

Excellence – being the best possible version of you always and in all ways – can become your way of life.

Frame it in your mind, build it and make it your home.


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