And after all, wasn’t that your intention?

A collaboration between this author and his coach and mentor – PF Freyer: 

“My grandfather told me…”to accomplish anything worthwhile, you must pay the price.”

My dad taught me that nothing in life would come easy. That I would have to work for those things that I wanted.

But work cannot be narrowly defined in only a physical sense.

Work is also a mental, emotional and spiritual endeavor as well.

As I grew up, I also came to learn and appreciate that achievement, excellence and success is not a matter of destiny, fate, timing or being in the right place at the right time.

For that would mean that we live by chance rather than being guided by intention.

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To live solely by chance would negate the value and virtue of our effort and commitment.

Our perseverance and sacrifice. And ultimately, our purpose.

I learned that in order to “be” or “become” – you needed to intend to “be” or “become”.

To be purposeful in your thoughts, words and deeds. I found that to live with intention – and intentionally – is to be guided by purpose.

There will always be a price to pay if you live with intention.

If you are purposeful in all that you do.

You will have to “give up” to “go up”.

You will need to leave some of who and what you “are” behind in order to get to where you want to go.


To become what and who you want to be requires sacrifice.

And this isn’t easy.

I can assure you that the suffering you encounter along the way – whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature – will be temporary.

You are simply giving up comfort, familiarity and the certain in order to press ahead, grow and become what you were intended to be.

You are “trading up”.

And after all, wasn’t that your intention?”


PS: I miss you Coach. 



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