…a high level of expectations can become second nature.

Expectations are an essential aspect of your attitude, thoughts, words and deeds.

They act as a bonding agent to connect your current abilities, your levels of performance and your talent with your future aspirations in the quest to achieve excellence.

Your expectations help to cement your commitment to each and every task at hand.

Expectations stiffen your will, firm your resolve and help refill your well of perseverance.

Expectations enable you to rededicate yourself throughout your journey, leading you to see things all the way through to the end.

To “finish”.

But having high expectations are more than a personal attachment connecting your thoughts, words and deeds to your aspirations. They also act as the catalyst that helps induce the transition from your simple dreams to a firmly held belief.


They move your power of commitment deeper into a sense of conviction.

The conviction that your intensely personal investment in a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sense will ultimately culminate in reaping the rewards you anticipated,  envisioned and then – achieve.

It takes great courage to ‘expect’ and to have high expectations.

It takes fortitude to assume such a risk.

To make that considerable personal investment.

To think, act and live within a framework of high expectations.


But as with any other choice, once set upon that path, in time,  it will become less daunting.

Like choosing to be guided by a positive attitude, being driven by ‘want to’ and developing the habits that lead to attaining excellence, if you work at it, maintaining a high level of expectations can become second nature.


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