…and your heart full of purpose.

It was once said that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the choice you make in the face of fear.

Choosing to move forward despite fear.

Similarly, focus represents a choice.

Because it does not exist in the absence of distractions.

It exists in spite of them.

It makes its presence known in the decisions you make to maintain and hold fast to your “vision” regardless of the situation, challenge or temptation.


It is highly unlikely that you will ever find yourself in an environment totally free of distractions. You can always count on something to be there to draw your attention, pick away at your resolve or make you second-guess your intentions, abilities and actions.

Distractions of all varieties can seem far more  than just abundant.  They might even appear targeted. 

Some will present themselves as the self-inflicted variety. The ones born of doubt;  the traitor to our better selves. 

They make themselves known in the  fibs you create and then tell yourself.

You know, those little white lies that excuse the failure you are ultimately setting yourself up for.

The rationale you use to lessen expectations, dim the light of your talents and diminish your purpose.

The fiction that only serves to deflect attention from performance towards feeling sorry for yourself.

The prose that is generated to soften the blow when you tell yourself that you are not quite up to the challenge, because you think it might require too much of you.


All because you choose distraction over focus and allow doubt to wedge its way into you.

And that doesn’t even scratch the surface.  Then there are those distractions emanating from the outside in.

Perhaps it  comes from your peers. Chipping away at your self-imposed discipline, sacrifice and commitment.  Filling  your head with nonsense. 

The chirping of an associate or competitor  looking to take your eyes off  the ball and out of the moment.  

“Caring” reminders that “so and so” couldn’t do it, you are like “so and so” and I do not want to see the same thing happen to you.

If you listen to this noise, allow yourself to succumb, then for sure your eyes may well  come off the ball.

You might lose your way. Fear of failure may creep in.

You have the ability to overcome these distractions, maintain your focus and relentlessly pursue your vision. But this talent needs to be exercised regularly.


Your ability to choose to remain focused in the face of distraction can become a powerful and lasting ally – but only if you consistently challenge yourself to do so in all cases.

Confront every distraction and put it in their place.

Recognize their origins and intentions.

See them for what they usually are – self-doubt.


Keep your eyes on the prize, your head in the game and your heart full of purpose.




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