“You” by “it”.

“In order to ‘hold fast’ to something, one must allow oneself to be held to something.  That commitment may be one of the hardest things to practice in a world of so much choice.”    Sheena Iyengar

This is an insight  that gets to the true crux of the matter.  Pointing out what may be overlooked when it comes to understanding commitment’s true nature.

Somewhere along the way, we may have misconstrued the relationship with it.

Mistakenly viewing commitment in terms of a simple, two-dimensional investment.


And “it”.

Like “sticking to a plan”.

“Holding fast to principle”.

“Pursuing a  goal”.

Or  “following your dream”.

Engaging in an attachment  that is apparent only at the surface

You  connected to it.

And yet, as worthy an endeavor that commitment is meant to be,  very little – if any – attention is focused on this aspect of its essential character.

For commitment is an  exertion far  beyond simply being held to it.

It is more so, a  sacred oath.

A covenant.

Made in that singular choice: to  be held “by” it.

Choosing to become one with the plan, principle, goal or dream.

Adding it not only to  you, but  making it as one with you.

To the extent that “you” are the embodiment of the plan and the living principle.

The goal set in flesh.

The vision of that dream.

Commitment is intended to extend far below the surface.

And be bonded at your core.

But to paraphrase Ms. Iyengar, making that level of commitment can be a considerable challenge. Especially when confronted by a world of many, many choices. 


Hang out, stay up late and sleep in?


Or get on the pond at 6 AM – on Sundays – to stop pucks.

How about…

…just putting everything you have into fighting  your own battle?


Or finding the strength, courage and faith to enjoin it with another.  And another.  And yet another

Perhaps its…

…being content with just talking the talk?

Or, putting everything in your life aside, and walking His walk?

And maybe its …

…ignore that little voice?


Or heed  its call, and choose to serve.

To allow yourself to be spirited away by that something, you must first choose to release your grip and cede control to it.

For to ascend this trajectory takes considerably more than just the sum of your active, ongoing, intentional, investment.

It involves creating a multi-dimensional entity.

One that extends far beyond the surface.

And bonds directly  to your core.

Be not content to be merely connected.

“You” to “it”.

Aspire to enjoin in a level of commitment that surpasses the superficial.

For if you truly want to hold fast to something, you must first decide to  let go.

And then choose to be held entirely by that something.

“You” by “it”.


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