Go easy on the manure.

We are all farmers.

We spend a lifetime occupying our own  plot of land.

And what we make come out of that piece of ground is entirely our doing.

There may be droughts. And ,then again,  there might bumper crops.  


But in the end, when it comes time to harvest, it is entirely on us.

Now of course, every farmer is different.

Certain ones will find their growing season to be longer than their neighbor.

Farming methods may vary.  Some will look to automate while others choose to go “old school”

An engineered hybrid approach will suit one group.  Taking an organic, “back to the earth” approach will be a better fit for still others.

Ultimately, what may flourish  for you  may not grow at all for me.

Though seasons, methods and crops may differ  from farm to farm,  one thing is for certain

We all share in one common trait.  

Given time, we can become expert at spreading manure.

While it may provide a sudden burst of color and excitement – it is temporary.  It lasts only through the next rain or two,  producing  a false sense of growth  

Continual applications of fertilizer  merely distracts you from the truth.  

To make the things that you want to grow within your plot take root, bud and flourish requires some discernment.  

And honesty.  

Followed by some purposeful intention.

Consistent,  committed effort.    

And an abundant faith.

Now a  farmer needs to know every inch of his or her acreage.

image preview_00064

So walk the fence lines. Over and over and over again. Learn the lay of your land.

Don’t confine your survey to  the horizon, but maintain a well grounded gaze as well.

Pry up those rocks that work their way out of the ground.  

Dig up the stumps.  

And cut back the brush and pull out weeds that can begin to invade, choke and overtake your land.

A farmer also needs to know the nature of their soil.  Its texture, smell and even taste.

He or she needs to know what grows well on their land.  

But more importantly, a farmer needs to understand what crops are needed  to enrich, invigorate and bring that piece of ground  to an uncommon level of abundance.

Fo you cannot grow the same crop year after year and expect the same yield.  In time, the harvest will drop.  The soil will become starved.  And all of a sudden, what was once your staple – will no longer produce.  

Your land will become barren.

So go about identifying those crops within that seem to grow  with little effort or attention. Harvest them religiously, build up your stores and share the excess with others.  

Then go about building your farm around them – not about them.  

Attend to those crops that have been planted with the best of  intentions but never seem to take root and grow. Move things around from season to season.  


Mix.  Match.

Begin again.

Find ways to make all of them thrive together.   

That improves the soil.

And makes things truly grow.

Into one  bumper crop after another.

Season after season.

Then, as any good farmer does, go  back out.

Walk your land.  


Keep the faith during the droughts.

Stay ahead of the weeds.

Keep rotating your crops..

And be thankful to reap a harvest that is entirely yours for the growing.

Oh, and one last thing: 

Go easy on the manure.


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