To rise from it as well

Don’t kid yourself.

Adversity was never meant to be an “if” proposition.

But only and always a “when”.

Because that is its design.

In support of its primary function.

For adversity in all its shapes, forms and incarnations is meant to serve but one purpose:

To test.

While its timing may conjure images of fate, planets in misalignment and  vast conspiracies, nothing could be farther from the truth.


Because despite what you think, adversity’s curriculum is meant to teach one subject.

In a course tailored precisely for one student.


Its methods?

To elicit your response to a situation.

Gauge your reaction to an unforeseen set of circumstances.

Confirm your fortitude during a series of unfortunate events.

And measure your character when the feces hits the fan.

It’s lessons?

First, to determine whether you are built to collect yourself upon disappointment, withstand the challenges needed to overcome a wide range of lapses or defeats and then – to press on.

And then, to establish whether you have the vision to  recognize the opportunity that is always present in those moments.


The proverbial silver lining.

Though it might not feel that way, you do come factory equipped to master this class.

Provided you choose wisely.

To stay fully present.

Remain engaged.

And maintain focus.

Especially that one.

Because focus is the one trait that grants  you with the capacity to face each and every one of those moments.

First, by helping you  “see” precisely what it is you need to confront.

And then, to discern the benefit – even blessing – that is sure to arise from that very same calamity.

Your grade for standing up, working through and emerging from adversity.

So when that test or those tests come, remember this:

You don’t have but one choice, but two.

First to rise to the occasion.


To rise from it as well.


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