And for you.

Expectation is something that extends far beyond simple belief.

To expect is to live with intention.  

To rally your forces – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual – towards producing a desired reality.

Directing yourself forward with purpose.  Setting and surpassing the highest standards.

Doing, being and giving your best in all that you choose to be, where you choose to go and who you choose to become.  

Raising that bar high sets the tone.  It creates momentum that can carry you through life.

Living with expectation will foster an abundance of opportunity.  An achievement rich environment where both present and future circumstances will favor you. Bending to your will.    

Honoring a commitment to always and without hesitation “do” and “be” your absolute best acts to affirm your true self.  A reflection of your character.

It takes time, but as you learn to live in this manner – always “doing ” and “being” your best – your confidence will begin to soar.   You will gain self-mastery.  

And you will find that you no longer need to be so exclusively focused inward.  

You will sense a nudge  to look outward. Beyond yourself. To share in what you have captured.  Then, all at once,  you may find yourself in a position to make another personal statement.  One of uncommon intention.    

That you can now “give” your best.

For in one sense, to “do” and to “be” your best represents only the first step. A beginning.  

Learning to then “give” your best serves to connect you to a realm of powerful, lasting and positive deeds.

For when you grow beyond a  “do your best” mode of living and evolve into a “give  your best” way of being, you are raising that  bar of expectation once more.  


Establishing for yourself – and others – a new standard.  One of sacrifice.  

An expectation born of personal growth.  

One that  declares that your original commitment to “do”  and “be” has now become one of “give”.

That you will make the best of “what” and “who” you are,  readily available to others.  Anyone and everyone.   Whenever,  wherever, however.   No strings attached.

A way of giving that doesn’t involve  economics, transactions or a “quid pro quo”.  Giving without an expectation of getting anything in return.

By giving the best of “what” and “who” you are shows others how much you value them.  

Telling them in unambiguous fashion  that “you deserve the absolute best of me“.

An expression of how important their achievement and success is to you.  

And just how much you love them.   

By giving your best to others, you are “coaching them up” in the best possible way.  

Helping all to aspire to always do their best. Just like you.  

So, strive to live and breathe that mindset. Exalt a life  of high expectation and standards.

Create a personal universe marked by high expectations, a dedication to optimum performance and the pursuit of excellence.

Then share that same achievement rich environment you made for yourself.  Lead others to that place where present and future circumstance conspires to favor all.  Now bending to your collective will.  

It is what you are made for.  It is the right thing to do. For them. And for you.


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