…to be what it is that you “see”

Mr. Zig Ziglar, an American author, salesman, and motivational speaker made this observation:

“You cannot consistently perform in a manner which is inconsistent with the way you see yourself.”

To a certain extent, Coach Moroder provided you with the opportunity to actually “see” this principle in action – this season. To connect what happens from the neck up to what takes place under the lights.   

Each of you in the community room.  Eyes closed.  Visualizing your individual performance Friday night.  Picturing everything about that instant. The temperature, smell of the air, sounds of the crowd and the feel of the grass. The game as it unfolded, from kick-off to the final whistle. Your role in it, how you “saw” yourself perform.  And the outcome you sincerely desired.

It is an image executed with the utmost intention.  In an exercise that was meant to  create “deja vu”.  Placing yourself indelibly within every moment of that game,  before it is even played.  Envisioning your future performance.   

Creating a pre-event expectation level to enhance clarity. Reinforce focus. And help you to stay “on script”. So when the time does come, the reality of your effort and execution can rise to the level of the vision. You will be in a position to capture the moment. Because you have been there before.


Affirming what you saw in “you”.  Validating  your choices, effort and commitment.

This is but one perspective.  Because this process – of determining “how you see yourself” – can extend to every aspect of your life.

For example, how do you “see” yourself in school?

As a scholar? Someone who is genuinely interested in the pursuit of learning? Someone that is fully engaged in the moment?  Contributing to discussions, offering ideas or insights? A student that wants “extra credit” ? Asks for help? Other opportunities? Or, are you simply passing through,  marking time until you can check your FB status, Instagram or send a text.

How do you see yourself with your friends?

Do you see yourself as doing the right thing, making good choices and helping them all to do the same?  Are you willing to be a leader when a tough decision needs to be made?  Can you stand down a bully?  Will you be an advocate for truth? Or are you content to be part of the herd, following their lead, letting them  make questionable, ill-advised, unsafe decisions just to be “popular”?

At home – how do you see yourself?

As a mentor to a younger sibling or someone who has a great deal to learn from an older brother or sister?  Do you “see” yourself as someone your parents can count on to do your best, pitch in and become independent? Are you willing to do what it takes to earn privileges?   Or, do you “see” yourself as someone who only “wants” or feels “entitled” to things – but in  constant need of a reminder to carry out simple responsibilities and becoming scarce when chores beckon?

How about this?  How do you see yourself here?  

What are your aspirations? For you? Your teammates?  The team?  The program?  

Where do you see yourself tomorrow evening? At each snap, quarter, and half? At the end? What about the off-season?  The first contact day?  The first practice of 2017 – high school or college?

What do you want us to be under the lights next year?  Playing it out? Or competing?  Is 9 games enough for you?  Or do you see yourself in 10?  12?  Or 14?

What about earning some recognition?  Starting? Captain?  Post season accolades ?

Whether it is athletics, school, friends, community or home – every aspect of your life – and your potential impact within it – can be visualized.

But this isn’t about wishing.  ‘Cause anyone can do that.

This is about making a blueprint.


Laying out your plan with purpose.

So if it is your intention to actually live in the reality that you envision, then you need to make it so.  


Etch that image into your soul and then, relentlessly pursue it. Become the exemplar of your true character in action. 

You are the person you choose to “see”.

You control the clarity and the image.

Your vision  will affirm and validate everything about “you”.

You  own the choices.

You alone possess the power to be what it is that you “see”.  


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