#5 of Ten

  1. Trust can help open the door of opportunity.

Coaches are gifted with certain talents and abilities.  Most of which – this author contends – comes from being a parent. 

By virtue of this blessing, our life experience and being on this planet much longer than all of you, we can honestly picture you in 2, 5 or maybe even ten years.

And this trait has nothing to do with guess-work.

But everything to do with vision.

This just happens to be one of the most important tools we coaches have at our disposal: to be able to “see” you  just a little bit into the future.  

Not that we are at all interested in bypassing the present by any means.

It is simply the ability  to detect  and divine  the potential that lives within you now.  

And because with that,  we can capture an  image of you reaching your potential somewhere down the road.  

All so that we can try to help you see it now.  


Then, move towards it.  

Now this ability can be both a blessing and a curse.  A true test of ability, effort and faith if ever there was one. 

For both of us.

Just because we can see it – does not mean you can, you will,  or would ever even want to be or become what we can see.  

Add to that the simple fact that too often, the act of sharing what we see can get misconstrued.  It might come off as  “its what you want me to be”.  That has all the potential of being viewed as  intrusive.  Crossing  a line.  Resented as controlling, forcing it, or hovering.  

All valid concerns.

So let’s just leave it like this:

Kids – if you can learn to listen with your heart as much as with your ears, then you will recognize that our words to you  come from the same exact place; the heart.  

Those words are born of our love for you.  

They are the genuine article.  

They can be trusted.  

So when you can find a way to accept them as such, big things will happen.

For all of us.



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