…forever define you as “undefeated”

To be  “undefeated” doesn’t only represent an accounting of wins and losses.

It means that despite your faults, shortcomings, weaknesses and circumstances, you refuse to allow yourself to falter.



And become “defeated”.

To be “undefeated” is a step above having a positive  attitude.  It is a mindset. A way of being, living your life and thriving despite circumstances to the contrary.

It stands to reason, then, that accepting defeat, and becoming “defeated” is solely your choice.


Allowing your faults, shortcomings, myriad bad decisions and the times you allowed yourself to slide when you should have  been at your best to govern your life is essentially deciding to let all those moments define you.

Labeling yourself in this manner will only lead your thoughts, words and actions to mirror those self-defeating expectations and behaviors.

And so self-defined in this manner, you will find it increasingly difficult to become what you were meant to be.

It is akin to being lost.

Apart from your true self.  Separated from the one you are intended to become.  The person that was meant to remain ‘undefeated”.


So choose what is best for you.

Do not put yourself onto that path.

Affirm your value, become an advocate through your performance and learn to see your potential and trust in where it can lead you.

Know too that you are a powerful and positive force in the lives of others.

In time, with an open mind and heart, you will begin to see your faults and failures in a different light. You can learn to choose to define yourself by the way that you responded to each “loss” – in thought, word or deed.

You can develop a mindset that despite my faults, weaknesses and failings: “I can still be the captain of my destiny.”

Whatever their source, accept defeats for what they are; opportunity.

Abundant chances to choose to respond in a fashion that can forever define you as “undefeated”


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