So be not bound

Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound. James Allen

In order to more fully engage oneself in a pursuit of achievement, success and excellence, it is first necessary to better understand the essence of our relationship with circumstance.

Sorry to say, but it is in our nature to take the easy way out.  To choose a path of least resistance.  Especially  when there could be some disappointment or discomfort.

Akin to “fate”, “destiny” and the “preordained”, we tend to see circumstance through the same lens: the result of unseen forces rather than the residue of our choices.

We view circumstance as an event.  Made to break momentum and create inertia.  And by seeing it in this fashion, we trap ourselves in the “yet to come”. A plodding existence where we slog through life, waiting for the “other shoe to drop”.

Precisely because we adopt this unhealthy forward-looking stance, we fail to apply ourselves fully to this moment.  We overlook the influence we can impart upon circumstance.  The sway we can hold over it.  All by being present in the present.

Instead, we choose to create elaborate excuses, fictional events, rationalize poor performance  and play the victim.

All of which never  serve us or our aspirations well and makes for a drab existence.  One marked by the “comfort” knowing something may happen and the “safety” it brings in form of “there is nothing we can do about it.”


By becoming better prepared by exerting better choices now,  a life full of opportunity and growth awaits.  Even more so with a healthy dose of risk sprinkled about.

But change must first start from within.

And it needs more than just choosing.  Change  requires commitment reinforced with generous and frequent applications of perseverance – not if – but when things  get tough.

And then – you need to  finish.

Add in all the details that serve as the exclamation point for a path well-chosen and  a thing well done.  Finishing is all about how you go about embossing that moment with all the best that is within you.

Then, you can begin to effect the change you desire – from without.

For once this  process begins, the nature of your circumstances will soon change.

Having taken to task the things that you can change – you are then less tethered to those that are defined as “yet to come”.  A concerted, committed and consistent  effort to remain engaged in the present, enables you to fully employ all that you are now.

So well prepared you will be, that circumstances will appear to bend to your will.  Moments that once felt like a gut punch don’t even put a hitch in your giddy up.  Things still come together, now matter the circumstance, as if   “…the world conspires to make it happen.” – to paraphrase Emerson.


They need not happen to you.

You can happen to them.

So be not bound.


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