“300” – Connor Hanson

I realized that I wanted more from my situation.  

I let myself get lazy and complacent freshmen year.  

Something I hated.  

So one day I had enough and wanted to change it.

I refocused myself in an attempt to achieve something that I never thought possible before.  When I picked Dayton, I picked it knowing that I would never play football again.


But there I was a year later trying to convince myself I could.  

I had to continue to convince myself too, telling myself that it didn’t matter that I barely played my last two years or that my height and size didn’t matter.  

I had to believe in myself day in and day out if I wanted it to become a reality.  

It was a long road with many doubts that crept into my head. It actually took me to the last day possible to confirm that I was still trying out, but I stayed persistent, because I knew deep down that I wanted it.

And if I wanted it, I could achieve it.

I showed up that first week of school, ignored all the distractions that welcome week has to offer, stayed true to myself and showed up for the two days of tryouts and put my best foot forward; and that foot would land myself in the door of the coaches office being told that they would bring me onto the team.


A year ago I was in the ER on campus, probably one of the lower points in my life, scared and unsure.

Now, a year later, I was sitting in the head coach’s office probably at one of the highest points in my life.


All because I went and chased my dream that probably no one, including myself, thought was achievable prior.


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