That truly exquisite energy

Now that 3/4’s of them are here, and Christmas is just around the Johnny ‘orner, that life force is back.

... my "temporary assignment" ©

When you are first starting out as a family, and the children start to come – one after another after another –  there is this extraordinary life force that begins to permeate the home.

With an exquisite energy.

It manifests itself in as many ways that those energetic rug rats can offer:

Like the stampede on the top floor.

You know, the one that can heard clear as a bell all the way from the basement.

Then the  crash.

Followed by a deafening silence.

A hushed, “Oh, oh”.

And then – abundant giggles.

The utterly pointless and painfully endless arguments.

Singing in the bath tub.

Revelations around the dinner table.

And my favorite; that unmistakable sound of slumber.

Simply put, the din of our kids just being kids.

Unfortunately, young moms and dads may be so focused on restoring/maintaining/creating order  that they fail to appreciate the absolute splendor of these…

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