…kindled only by the ego

“…we are dominated today by the ego-drama in all of its ramifications and implications. The ego-drama is the play that I’m writing, I’m producing, I’m directing, and I’m starring in. We see this absolutely everywhere in our culture. Freedom of choice reigns supreme: I become the person that I choose to be.

The theo-drama is the great story being told by God, the great play being directed by God. What makes life thrilling is to discover your role in it.

This is precisely what has happened to Mary. She has found her role—indeed a climactic role—in the theo-drama, and she wants to conspire with Elizabeth, who has also discovered her role in the same drama.

And like Mary, we have to find our place in God’s story.” Father Robert Barron

Without a doubt, discovering your role in the great play is meant to be a thrilling endeavor.

But at the same time, it can also be  an unnerving, unsettling, daunting and down right scary experience as well.

That too comes with the territory.

For you are meant to dig deep in this, His audition.

You have to find the courage within to  allow Him to write, produce and direct you in the role of a lifetime.

Embracing your freedom to choose to follow His script.

Allowing yourself to grow into  the character He has seen you as, and longed for you to become –  before you were even a glimmer or gleam in the eyes of others.  

Finding  your spot – whether in front of, on, to the side or back stage.

And practicing a faith that prepares you to deliver in thought, word and deed upon His cue.

Talk about character development.

Mary and Elizabeth were pivotal figures in His great play.


They intentionally and willingly found their mark on His stage.  And allowed them selves to unconditionally follow His lead in the theo drama for the ages.

So if you think  your story line isn’t what you thought it would be, let not the plot thicken.

Seek to change the author.

For the Holy Ghost is a writer extraordinaire.

And you were built to pursue the career path of His two foremost leading ladies.

On a journey that took them to  follow His light.

Rather than seeking one that is bound to flicker.

A temporary incandescence kindled only by the ego.


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