A profound sense of peace.

When we “let it be”, we give our consent to allow things to play out.

This isn’t to say that we ever had the ultimate authority in these matters. We just like to think that we do.

To “let it be” is an admission that we need to step back, defer our assumed jurisdiction and grant Him the opportunity to work things out.

After all, His plans do take precedence.

Once we can admit that personal command can be elusive and control is tenuous at best, we can cease and desist, cede our alleged authority, and let His will be done.

Regardless of the high praise we deem for our abilities, the importance we assign to our desires or the confidence we hold in the righteousness of our position, to “let go” assures us that we have correctly ordered our priorities and recognized our proper role.

At its core, to “let go” is choosing our surrender.

It is an acknowledgement that His loving order of things, “works best for us.”

As we endeavor to make the transition towards this “happy place”, less of our emotional and spiritual energy will be consumed by  the superficial, transient and the petty.

We can  conserve our precious personal resources.  Create a reserve. And begin to  reallocate it in altogether different  direction: outward. Once we reach this point, we can afford to “give it up”.

With less personal control and even surrender, things should spiral out of orbit – right? On the contrary; less sovereignty in this respect leads to greater independence, stability and well-being.

Control often becomes an extension of our ego.  And when left unchecked, has the potential to work against us – and –  the greater good.

An ego run amok will falsely inflate our self-esteem.  It will crowd out humility,  creating within us a bogus sense of self-importance and security. It can become a very demanding companion.  

For  once we let it come to the table, it will remain there, begging to be fed.

Always desperate for attention, ego can enjoin us to perform all sorts of interpersonal gymnastics, cultivate manipulative behaviors and help perfect dishonesty. This is an exhausting and empty exercise.


When we learn to “let it be” and then find the courage to “let go”, we set ourselves on a trajectory towards the emotionally and spiritually fulfilling growth that can only be found when we “give it up”.

Abandoning our preoccupation with control and employing our innate humility to rein in ego, we can gain an essential element of independence.

No longer beholden to the transience of these self-made and self-destructive adversaries, we find our true center. With our overall sense of balance restored, and an enhanced sense of well-being imminent, we are positioned to give up more of our personal resources; our ‘self’.

As we can learn to syncopate our lives – altering its rhythm by putting the accent on thoughts, words and deeds not usually emphasized – we become attuned to an entirely different melody.

No longer distracted by our illusions of command and control or driven solely by ego, we have the opportunity to fulfill our potential and maximize our talents to a level that can only be achieved by openly sharing our abilities.

To “give it up”, is to share who and what we are in total, bringing light to places long kept dark and hidden, within and without.

Once illuminated, this path can lead you toward a lasting and positive personal transformation.

By following His tug, you will be free of your “self” and  its self-centered constraints.  

Through this act of surrender, you will gain true independence.  

An everlasting joy.  

A profound sense of peace.


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