Straight on to finishing.

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As a parent, I have long recognized that my lot in life will always entail a “three shift” position.

Always on call.  Always at my station.  Always expected to perform.

Much like the life I am sure my parents had, theirs before them, and so on down the line.

I toil.

There is little in the way of compensation or even job security for that matter.  No room for advancement nor any chance for a review.

Six Sigma Black Belt will never be a bullet point on my parental resume.

However, I will be the first to admit that there is this incredible benefit package.

One that even escapes the clutches of all those accountants employed by Uncle Sam.

So as I hurtle relentlessly towards the apogee of parenthood, I remain steadfastly  guided by one primary objective.

My singular mission as it were.

To raise my children to become independent…

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