Now, substitute “leadership” with “love”.

“Things” happen.

To teams, organizations and businesses.

Sometimes these “things” just seem to show up one day. Other times, “things” might have been simply picked out of necessity. Maybe it was an instantaneous reaction to some “thing”. A situation inadvertently created by another “thing”.

Could be that no other “thing” was available at the time.

Perhaps some “thing” was found to be lacking. Or another “thing” was seen as an obstacle. But that “thing” over there seemed to work for the time being.

Still other “things” may become viewed as creating other problem “things”.

“Things” can appear to be lost.

“Things” may get out of hand.

“Things” began to spin out of control and get away from other “things”.

And once that happens, “things” may never be the same.

Yes, “things” happen.

Now do this:

Substitute “individual” or “individuals” for “thing” or “things”.

Once you do that, you have restored the correct orientation leadership needs to acquire and maintain to see the bigger picture. You reprioritize relationships and the true role leadership needs to embrace within them.

Finally, you recalibrate the proper focus to a brand of leadership that is positive, lasting and transformational.

Leadership is about mentoring.



Even parenting in some cases.

Leadership is how you intentionally pattern your life around others.

Towards their welfare, growth and development.

Players, chairpersons, salesmen and even heir apparents don’t just happen.


The individual within each one of these “things” needs to be built first. Piece by painstaking piece.

With great care.

For without the proper foundation any edifice will surely crumble.

Then what will become of their aspirations?

The team? The organization? Or the business ?

And you?

You can probably Google a dozen or so quotes that will be far more authoritative and prove more eloquent than I.

But when you strip it all away, leadership will always come down to this:

Where you put “things”.

Now, substitute “leadership” with “love”.


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