And we can say we were there for the count down.

To a certain extent, what we are celebrating here today is a culmination or arrival.  Reaching a final destination. Achieving the highest rank.  Adding the exclamation point to an Eagle Scout’s statement of effort, commitment and character.

 Yet in many respects, this is more representative of a beginning.  

An instant that one day will cause us all to reflect.

The time duly noted as the “we were there when it all started” moment.

For today is about trajectory.

The path articulated by Tim’s thoughts, words and deeds.

An ascent marked by potential and possibility.  Built upon on a desire to embrace the infinite.

Three traits central to Tim’s composition.

Now when it comes to potential, everyone has it.

While volume per unit of mass may vary from individual to individual, it does comes standard; factory installed.

And Tim has developed a keen appreciation of how to employ his allotment.

An observation based on the fact that he doesn’t save it.  He pretty much uses it all up every chance he gets.  Everywhere he goes.

Perhaps he discovered early on, that saving it doesn’t accrue one any interest.  That the dividend reaped from potential can only be realized when it is spent.

In full.

I first met Tim shortly after his family moved here.  It was on the practice field at Homestead during a Coach Hahn OTA several summers ago.

We were busy building O-line fundamentals. Learning  feet, hips, stance and steps. Within a few reps, Tim had become my example.  The one to model. Doing each part of the progression so well, that others could readily learn from him.

In fully applying his potential to that moment,  no matter the outcome,  Tim quickly went from unable to able.



From one of many, to single role model.

Tim recognizes that his potential’s value, depth and reach only grows in proportion to its application.  That to expand beyond  one’s given resources, one must push past limits.  An endeavor requiring persistence, courage and stamina.

Akin to potential is possibility.  

What begins to happen  once you use up what you have.

Author –  Arthur C. Clarke –  put it this way: “The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.”  

Of this, I am certain; Tim ventures more than a little way past the possible.

In fact, I would venture to guess that he is most comfortable operating outside of his comfort zone.  And not just a little way past.

Get a glimpse of the schedule this one keeps, and you will start to know of what I speak.   His Eagle project was devised, planned and executed within a production window that would  be the envy of any Fortune 500 OEM.

It is best to let him describe it:


Mr. Neusen helped measure out the layout of the field in the very beginning, Mr. Liebau helped with the pipe and installing the goalpost, Mr. Don Curran and the Parks and Rec department helped with clearing out the woods, Mr. Haddad helped with auguring our holes, Mr. Auchter also helped with the planning of the project, and Mr. Konrath helped paint the yard lines and set up the field after installation.


About 20 scouts helped out and there were a total of 275 human hours involved in this project.  

With everyone’s help, we cleared out the trees, welded pipe into goalposts, raised $2000, augured the holes, installed the goalposts, and set up the field in two weeks.”

Even more impressive was that it was accomplished in between a dizzying array of multiple, simultaneous, out-of-state  educational pursuits like Latin, student government, mission trips  and forensics ventures – or some combination thereof.

By embodying a mindset of maximizing his potential,  Tim doesn’t just “see” the possibilities. His committed actions actually begin to expand their mass, depth and reach.  He becomes as one with them.

Extending what was once thought to be only “possible” far beyond his current limitations.  Venturing now – with full intention – farther still into the  impossible.

Toward a place he seems intent to embrace; the infinite.

Tim’s true comfort zone.

Yes, this Eagle has landed.


And Space X has nothing on him.

The launch sequence for a much grander mission has already been initiated.  One that is well attuned to the scope of his potential.  Equal to the widening reach of his possibilities.  A venture deeper yet into the infinite.

A path that Tim seems well suited to pursue.

Years from now, news will come across our feed.

There will be a story about some young man doing great things.

Pushing the limits.

Changing the world.

And we can say we were there for the count down.


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