Illuminated by his imagination.

Albert Einstein once offered:

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

The volume and subject matter of the quotes attributed to Mr. Einstein is quite surprising.  There was far more to him than E=mc2, relativity and the photoelectric effect. Being gifted with scientific genius should never preclude anyone from creating a compelling, personal and lasting impression on the world around them.

Making the most of every moment.  Finding the joy in life’s simplest pleasures.  Or as Mrs. Han shared, creating some incredibly edible concoction using the strangest collection of  ingredients.

Like Al said, creativity is born of intelligence having fun.

Considering the gravity of this moment and to properly articulate the essence of each scout,  it may be necessary to solicit a word or three from one or both parental units.  A brief description to  confirm what is perceived from afar.

Mrs. Han was kind enough to share a few choice ones regarding her middle son, and second of three Eagle Scouts, John (no pressure Daniel):

“The one word that comes to my mind first about John is ‘creativity’ mixed with his intellectual curiosity and imagination.

From early childhood, John liked to try things out with simple curiosity about the world, nature, how things work and how they are related to each other.

John has this great ability to create something very fun, out of nothing or out of very ordinary things he could find around him.

Because of this innate ability to find joy in all that is around him, John has been very well-regarded among his peers.”

The Hans are a close-knit family, well grounded in things earthly as well as those not bound by this world.

This connection helps them create a compelling, personal and lasting impression wherever their mission takes them.  So it’s no surprise that these Eagle siblings – Tim and John – live by this big picture view of the world around them.

Both have enjoined a life focused on making the most of the moment.  Striving to become a light in another’s darkness.  Leaving things better than they were found.

In their own way, each have played an integral role in spurring the collective imagination.

Creating opportunity.  A chance to find joy.  All by tilling their personal fields of dreams within in our community.

Tim at Lemke Park.

And now John, over at the back 40.

John worked very hard to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.

As he earned  23 Merit Badges along his way, John also committed to honing his personal brand of leadership.  Becoming an exemplar of the scouting spirit on his own terms. Where his imagination could serve to illuminate a path to the future.

Mr. Einstein suggested this very notion with regard to the sibling of creativity:

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

So with a little help from this, his constant companion,  John set upon the task to renovate the “Back 40” at Lake Shore Middle School.

The “Back 40” is a parcel of land on the middle school campus which is set aside for use by the students and teachers.  I believe  it is not too far removed from an another Eagle project; an outdoor classroom.

Not only did John imagine how that “Back 40” could be.   But how it should be.   A vista of learning and future aspirations.  A respite from the challenges of life.  A source of solitude.  A connection to the bigger picture.

A living source of  joy.

So after getting approval from the Troop and the School District, John started the recruitment process, enlisting and building a team to transform the back 40 into a living, growing and lasting legacy.

This endeavor involved all sorts of challenges.  Clearing the overgrown grass, cleaning up trash, repainting signs – both old and new. Lest we not forget re-roofing and waterproofing kiosks and shelters.  And adding bird houses and renovating  an old bat house.

With the support of local businesses and thirteen sturdy souls, John’s  crew completed their mission in a smidge over 111 hours.

Mrs. Han knows her son well: “John has this great ability to create something very fun, out of nothing or out of very ordinary things he could find around him.”

Like converting a back 40 into a treasured venue for learning.  A place to re-energize.  Find peace.  Stimulate the imagination.  A source for the dreams that could  become a blueprint for the future.

“…and because of this innate ability to find joy in all that is around him, John has been very well-regarded among his peers.”

Exerting a personal brand of leadership centered on finding the joy in the ordinary, John leads others to make similar discoveries.

By becoming an exemplar of the scouting spirit on these terms, he is able to lead others to embrace the moment while inspiring them to picture their role in the bigger picture.

While he may never be mentioned in the same breath as the esteemed Mr. Einstein, John will undoubtedly make a lasting impression within his immediate universe.  Relatively speaking.

Imbued with a creativity that enables him to find fun within the ordinary and welcome joy in its simplest form, he is on a path to a bright future.

Illuminated by his imagination.


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