I do not read nearly as much as I ought. From authors hard bound that is.  A trend that is overdue for reversal. Like many of you, scanning and skimming through articles that crawl across various feeds or are born of various searches have become the norm.

Getting the bulk of your reading done in this manner mandates that  both electronic, personal and BS filters be set at optimum levels.  Yet one enduring positive derivative of this practice is the unrelenting exposure to all sorts thoughts and words.  And if you allow curiosity to assume point, this begets more opportunity for  learning and discernment.

By employing this method, one can stumble upon all sorts of verbage.  Even for the first time in fifty-seven some years on this planet, to my chagrin.

Like this one.


Generally speaking, fecundity is defined by various and sundry sites as “the quality or power of producing abundantly; fruitfulness or fertility.  Productive or creative power”.  

Then, following curiosity’s capable lead, a second site went on to illustrate fecundity further:

“It refers to a powerful productivity, usually in the area of natural growth, either from the earth or by human reproduction. But it can also be used to describe great mental ability and creativity, the ability to create intellectual products. In any case, fecundity has a positive sense, suggesting healthy growth of life-forms and mental abilities.”

Now those of you that have come to know this author’s works may have already sensed the impending drop of the other shoe.

For it was first a post from Bishop Robert Barron that actually begat all of this introspection.

An alert of sorts, announcing his forthcoming Sunday homily, titled surprisingly enough; “The Fecundity of Your Heart”

An amazing turn of the word.

For if you can figure out a way to lead with it, despite the inevitable bruising battering and bleeding, your heart does have an innate capacity and power to produce in abundance.  Especially one crop that seems always in short supply; good.

The Master Gardener enriched that small parcel within each one of us.  The ideal soil to accept the seeds He sows.  A fecundus environment He purposely designed to provide us with lasting and loving growth.

“God sows his Word into each of our hearts liberally. He does not solely give his grace to those he knows will bear fruit. He sows the Word in everyone, but it doesn’t flourish for each person due to circumstances (secularism, anxiety, the allurement of the world). Strive to counter that by letting the Word open you to the implications of his Lordship. God is always giving himself to you, listen and act.”  – Bishop Robert Barron

But being rich in its composition and depth, far too often weeds and thistles become tenant farmers within that parcel of our hearts.  Lacking due diligence, we neglect the soil.  We never develop the necessary commitment to till the land He gave us.

That parcel within may become barren.  And His words may never take root.

Our hearts can become overgrown, crowding out  the words He continuously and intentionally sows.  Not just for one season.  But over, and over and over yet again.

God is always giving himself to us.  If we can learn to listen, and then, act, we can produce an abundance of good for those around us.  And,  reap a portion of that harvest yet for ourselves.


Not just the word of the day.

But a  richness of life the Master Gardener longingly wants each one of us to experience.

As prized fruit of the seed of His enduring word, patience and love.



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