Why can’t you see what’s right there in front of you?

Average or accomplished?Spectator or committed participant ? Comfortable or bold ? Defeated or victorious?

Choices that need to be made by you as a person and together as a team. Decisions representative of perceptions.  Who you are versus what you intend to become.

Bridging that gap requires all that you can muster.  Deploying focus, commitment, speed and strength help to set the tone.  But to properly direct that energy, you also need to develop a keen eye.  One that goes beyond plain sight, enabling you to see across the three dimensions of life:  “before, now and when.”   

For more often than not, it all boils down to  vision.  Vision – that when properly aligned along  those  three life moments –  can maximize your current capacities, unleash your potential and create opportunity unimagined

Developing vision of this magnitude reinforces positive choices while providing  a foundation of confidence for lasting achievement, success and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

But seeing involves more than  just keeping your eyes wide open.

Cause if your primary focal point is fixated  entirely on one of those three dimensions, things will  start to get out of whack.

A preoccupation with  “before” inevitably binds you there. Current thoughts, words and deeds begin to assume that old identity –  now.  Neglecting lessons of the past lead you to similar choices and outcomes in the present.  Before now defines you and your line of sight..

Being here, but lacking a full presence,  creates missed  opportunity.  Without an appreciation of what you started with, what you have been given and who stands by you now leads you to take things for granted.  Creates complacency. Mires you in mediocrity. Now becomes just existence.

And operating with your head in the clouds, focused only on what comes next takes you even farther out of the present, while doing  little to prepare you for when.  You become detached.  Ungrounded.  Floating along.  Subject entirely to any gust or change in pressure.  When may never come to be.

Who would have thought short sightedness could be so blinding.

Vision is another way you choose to  define yourself. It is a venture that unflinchingly places accountability squarely at its source.  Vision extends roots to the correct depth into before, keeps you fully grounded in the now and establishes your  desired trajectory for when.

Now that I have your attention, might any of the following  describe your current view ?

Where we are as a team is acceptable because that is just how it is here. We just cannot hope to do any better because that would mean overturning tradition and the natural order of things. All of this has been predetermined; we always finish where we finish. What was then – still exists now.

And why get so excited about culture ?  Leadership?  Being the spark?  Things are good.  We get to ride in nice buses, eat sammiches, play in front of big crowds on the road, wear nice new jerseys on Fridays and be football players.  Just for showing up.   Proving people wrong?  That is just not in the cards.  It is too hard. Too scary. Too uncomfortable. And now will be gone in seven weeks anyways.

So then, if you think about it, when doesn’t really matter.  Because we are supposed to be, well, what we are supposed to be.

One of the superpowers that comes from being an elder is vision. While you youngin’s may only be able to see about three feet in front of you – we can see for miles and miles.

Our essential purpose as teachers, mentors, parents and coaches  is to get each of you to see past that three feet.  To get you to trust. To let go.  Jump in with both feet. And share in that longer vision from us elders.

Our aim?  To disquiet the contentment found in continuing to honor an undeserved tradition from before.   Compel  you – albeit lovingly – to embrace the challenges associated with surpassing expectations now.

And transform a multitude of opportunities found in the present into the reality you aspire  to achieve.

And the when?

That is your call.

When only comes once you decide to:  .

Seek a higher level of accomplishment, making all of those Knights that came before you smile.

Fully invest in the present  to make the most of all you have been given now

Take a bold course of action, disrupting the natural order.

And rise up to claim what is yours – victory.

I know we elders can see all this  from at least a  mile away.

Why can’t you see what’s right there in front of you?


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